Stop the Black Mass

Petition to: Jim Brown, general manager of the Oklahoma City Civic Center music hall


Stop the Black Mass

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A black mass is a sacrilegious ceremony that is part of demonic worship. It is designed as a mockery of the Catholic Mass, in which Satan is invoked and the Eucharist is desecrated, generally through profane sex acts.

Oklahoma City archbishop Paul Coakley has described the planned black mass as “grievous sacrilege and blasphemy,” “obviously horrendous” and “offensive beyond description.”

The organizer of the event acknowledged that a consecrated Host was stolen to conduct the ritual, and a lawsuit was subsequently filed on behalf of the archdiocese to recover the stolen Host. Although the organizer returned the Host, the black mass has not been cancelled.

In light of the offensive and blasphemous nature of the event, as well as the recognition by its planners that the ritual is based upon the desecration of stolen property, we ask you to sign this petition calling on the Oklahoma City Civic Center to cancel the event as an act of respect towards those whose faith would be grievously assaulted should it be allowed to proceed.

News updates, by Catholic News Agency:

Black mass organizers face lawsuit over stolen Host

Okla. civic center defends black mass with sex offender

Tulsa bishop urges prayer, fasting in response to black mass

Archbishop asks Okla. civic center to reconsider black mass

Prayers urged as black mass organizer claims consecrated Host

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Petition to: Jim Brown, general manager of the Oklahoma City Civic Center music hall

We write you in order to voice opposition to the black mass scheduled to take place Sept. 21 at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. A black mass is intended as an attack on another religious group, namely Catholics. The ceremony revolves around the desecration of the Eucharist, which requires that a Host be stolen from a Catholic church. The organizer of the event admitted to stealing a consecrated Host. Although he has now returned the stolen Host, after facing a lawsuit on behalf of the archdiocese, it is clear that his intention to defile stolen property in a government facility should raise questions of basic appropriateness. While the Constitution protects freedom of expression, it does not protect stealing property from others and desecrating it. We implore you to take a stand in favor of public decency by canceling the black mass.

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