Canada: NO Public Funds to World Pride

Petition to: Toronto City Council


Canada: NO Public Funds to World Pride

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Soon, Toronto will be known for taxpayer funded public displays of graphic sexuality.

The City of Toronto is preparing a budget that will allocate around $ 500,000 to fund the 2014 WorldPride event.

WorldPride is common known as a “gay pride” parade. It is being held in Canada this year as an attempt to push a gay-lifestyle and gay-marriage political agenda to all Canadians.

Similar events have been held in Canada. At these events there were:

  • Loads of people wearing only their underwear, or leather bondage gear.
  • Many topless dancers
  • Lewd dancing
  • People engaging in public sex acts
  • Semi-nude or completely nude people parading down the street.

This is a very public event. Toronto Councilors are extremely happy to be hosting this event.

One reporter that attended a previous event had specifically called it an “X-Rated peep show.”

So, I dare to ask: what about the children? The content of this event will be exposed to countless Canadian children for years to come. If they do not see it live on the streets, they will see it on the TV or the news.

Toronto is expected to be outright funding 10% of the total event budget. That is expected to grow.

Please sign this petition to Toronto Council demanding the withdraw support and funding from the World Pride event. 

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Petition to: Toronto City Council

Dear Councillors:

We are extremely concerned with Toronto’s involvement with the World Pride event.

In past events there were mass reports of nudity, lewd dancing, and people engaging in public sex acts. With this said, please consider what you are exposing our children to witness.  

We demand Toronto Council to withdraw support and all funding from the World Pride event. 

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