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Petition to: Massachusetts Republican Party


Massachusetts Republican Party: No More RINOs! Run a True Conservative for Governor

116 people have signed. Help us reach 200 signatures.

The Massachusetts Republican Party has a long, sad track record of nominating and running liberal republicans for public office. These, REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY (RINO), candidates have failed to stand and defend conservative and biblical values.

Help us send an alert to the Republican Party of Massachusetts and tell them to run a Pro-Family and Pro-Life candidate for Governor.

Tell Mass GOP Chair Kirsten Hughes "NO MORE RINOS!!"


This petition has been created by the Committee to Elect Scott Lively.  Dr. Lively is running to WIN the race for Massachusetts Governor in 2014 as an Independent so that Massachusetts Christians and conservatives have the choice of a real conservative instead of Charlie Baker or some other leftist RINO.  However, if the Massachusetts GOP abandons its losing strategy of running liberals and instead runs an authentic pro-life and pro-family conservative, Dr. Lively will drop out of the race and help that candidate to win.  "The only way conservatives will ever have power in Massachusetts," says Dr. Scott Lively, "is for the grassroots to prove to the GOP establishment that they have the means and the will to deny elections to the RINOs.  My candidacy is the means.  This petition will prove their will."     

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Petition to: Massachusetts Republican Party

Dear Ms. Hughes:

We are asking the Massachusetts Republican Party to back a true conservative for Governor. To hold high office, a candidate must uphold the biblical responsibilities of defending life and defending family.

A true conservative candidate must recognize that:

  1. Life begins at conception and aborting an unborn child is murder.
  2. There are no alternative definitions to marriage. Marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman. Homosexuality is morally wrong and harmful to individuals and society.  

It is very important for the good of this Commonwealth that we stop nominating and running liberal republicans to represent us in public office.

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