Reject Pro-Abortion and Sexualization Agenda at ICPD+25 Nairobi Summit



Reject Pro-Abortion and Sexualization Agenda at ICPD+25 Nairobi Summit

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Reject Pro-Abortion and Sexualization Agenda at ICPD+25 Nairobi Summit

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is partnering with the governments of Kenya and Denmark to host the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD+25) in Nairobi, Kenya. 25 years ago the ICPD was held in Cairo where, for the first time, the agenda of population control through abortion was set forth.

Since the Cairo summit, UNFPA has pushed population control worldwide, and with it, abortion “rights”. The Nairobi summit will be attended by thousands of global representatives who will be participating on behalf of their governments. At the end of the summit, government representatives will formally endorse the Twelve Point Commitments which have already been prepared, without any negotiations or voting.

The Commitments that will be endorsed include the following:

   1. Abortion (Sexual Reproductive Health Rights) 

   2. Contraception for children (under 18 years)  

   3. Sexualization of children through Comprehensive Sexuality Education

   4. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights (SOGI)

   5.Affirming research from the Guttmacher institute, which is an arm of the pro-abortion corporation International Planned Parenthood Federation

This controversial conference is being held in a continent where the majority of laws are opposed to abortion and homosexuality. For many years there has been a lot of pressure to legalize these practices, but most African countries have not given in.


UNFPA has unsuccessfully partnered with international pro-abortion groups such as International Planned Parenthood Federation, Marie Stopes, Rutgers, and IPAS to fund pro-abortion activities and the push for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Malawi, and Nigeria. This conference in Nairobi will be the epitome of their efforts to force their destructive agenda on Africa.


87% of Kenyans do not support abortion according to a survey by Ipsos, while 90% reject homosexuality. Recently, a Kenyan high court affirmed this by throwing out the registration of the Gay Coalition in that country.


The Commitments that will be endorsed at the ICPD summit have nothing to do with Kenya’s “Big 4” Developmental Agenda goals, or in solving the real-world issues facing the Kenyan populace. This would include poor road networks, ill equipped hospitals, run-down schools, scarcity of clean drinking water in villages, lack of availability of jobs, etc.


SIGN this petition asking President Uhuru Kenyatta to reject the Commitments that will be adopted at the Nairobi ICPD+25 summit in their entirety and any agenda that is against the spirit of Kenyan law and culture.


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Reject ICPD+25 commitments in their entirety

Dear President Uhuru Kenyatta,

As a citizen who respects the right to life from conception to natural death, I am very perturbed by the upcoming ICPD+25 Nairobi summit and your involvement in it. The conference has listed Twelve Commitments that will be pushing for abortion, sexualization of our children, homosexuality, and contraception for our girls.

The agenda of this conference is against the very spirit of Kenyan culture and the Constitution that was voted in by a majority of Kenyans. The Commitments are a great threat, especially to our women and children. 

Kenyans have greater needs, such as for clean water, roads, hospitals, schools, jobs, or even a cure for cancer, which has killed many. None of these is addressed in the Commitments .

I am calling on you to reject the Commitments in their entirety and protect and uphold Kenyan law and culture during this controversial conference.

[Your Name]

Reject Pro-Abortion and Sexualization Agenda at ICPD+25 Nairobi Summit

Sign this petition now!

114,089 people have signed. Help us reach 200,000 signatures.