Stop Marie Stopes abortion activities in Nigeria



Stop Marie Stopes abortion activities in Nigeria

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Stop Marie Stopes abortion activities in Nigeria

UPDATE: Marie Stopes Lagos was closed after a Dr. Benard was caught about to procure an abortion on May 21st. The police discovered abortion records and files for children who have been injected with contraception. They have kept these files as exhibit for court.

According to Marie Stopes Nigeria's website, the abortion clinics performed over 700,000 "safe abortions" in 2018 alone to Nigerian women.  The Marie Stopes abortion clinics whose headquarters are in the United Kingdom have cut a niche for themselves in promoting abortions and actually- PERFORMING THEM FOR A FEE in the name of " safe abortions".

In Nigeria, the abortion center is headquartered in Abuja the administrative city of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and also has a presence in Surulele, Lagos. It takes pride in supplying contraceptives to women ( they have been caught supplying contraceptives to children elsewhere) and offering abortions.

While the clinics call abortions safe, they do not tell their clients that what they actually do is kill pre-born babies whose rights are protected by the laws. They also do not tell their naive clients that to them abortion is a money minting business. The clinics have targeted African countries where they have been brainwashing  women that there is safe abortion and that there was need to legalize the same.

African countries have though known who they really are- abortionists who are making money from every abortion they carry out. Africa has started an uprising to kick them out. Recently their abortion activities were suspended in Kenya while Niger permanently kicked them out of their country. Other countries that are investigating these chain of murderers include Tanzania and Uganda.

What does the Nigerian Law say pertaining abortions?-

  • The abortion laws of the Criminal Code are expressed within sections 228, 229, and 230. Section 228 states that any person providing an abortion to a woman is guilty of a felony and up to 14 years of imprisonment. Section 229 states that any woman obtaining an abortion  is guilty of a felony and up to imprisonment for 7 years. Section 230 states that anyone supplying anything intended for a woman's abortion is also guilty of a felony and up to 3 years of imprisonment.
  • The sections of the Penal Code parallel the Criminal Code, besides the exception for abortion with the purpose of saving the life of the mother. The Penal Code's punishments include imprisonment, fine, or both.

So it is plainly illegal what Marie Stopes abortion centers are doing in Nigeria. It is important that they be stopped immediately.  Nigerians need to WAKE UP and realize the killers next door, they need to have their licence revoked immediately and their directors arraigned in a court of law for breaking the Nigerian Laws as well as participating in the murder of pre-born children and supplying contraceptives to children.

With this petition, we ask the Minister of Health Professor Adewole to act with urgency and kick the abortion centers out of Nigeria as well as take the proper legal actions against them.

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Revoke Marie Stopes abortion centers' licence.

Dear Your Excellency, Professor Adewole,

Marie Stopes International is a chain of abortion clinics headquarted in the United Kingdom but whose focus is to promote and perform abortions especially in developing countries not withstanding it being illegal. According to their website, the abortion clinics performed over 700,000 abortions in the Federal Republic of Nigeria last year alone! 

Many African countries have realized how evil these clinics are,recently they got banned from performing abortions in Kenya, an East African country whose law is firm on the right to life. In Kenya they were caught advertising abortions on radio and  on the streets. The blood thirsty clinics can go to all levels to achieve their goals of killing unborn babies. The same week, in Niger an African country too, their activities were stopped !The clinics were closed down. In Zambia they have been defunded while in Tanzania they are being investigated.

Marie Stopes members of staff have admitted not once that their clinics major business is to carry out illegal abortions especially in Africa. They charge around 50 USD for their services, which makes them an abortion business industry.

For long, people have feared to speak out but it is time now! There is no better time to kick Marie Stopes out of Nigeria than today. The Nigerian law is firm against abortions and its sad these clinics are breaking the law under your watch.

Dear Your Excellency, there is no any good in killing pre-born, defenseless and innocent babies. Marie Stopes administer abortions at a fee, so it is a business, A BUSINESS OF KILLING BABIES, that is happening under your watch and approval! Please have mercy on these unborn babies whose rights are protected by the law of the Federal Republuc of Nigeria.

The solution to pregancies should be to have PROPER sex aducation advocating for chastity, encouraging adoptions and creating more crisis pregnancy centers. There is no solution in killing unborn babies, abortion has a huge negative impact on every post abortive woman and it means a death of a Nigerian citizen whose rights are protected in the law.

Please, with this petition, I demand that Marie Stopes is closed permanently from Nigeria! Act now.

[Your Name]

Stop Marie Stopes abortion activities in Nigeria

Sign this petition now!

7,992 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.