End Christian Persecution in Nigeria demand #FreedomForSharibu



End Christian Persecution in Nigeria demand #FreedomForSharibu

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The Boko Haram terrorist group released 100 girls in March but did not release young Sharibu because of her faith. She refused to denounce her faith when asked to do so by the terrorist group resulting to her detention. This is saddening that she is still at the hands of the terrorist group months later.

Thousands of Christians have died in the course of their faith due to the same group.

No Christian should suffer persecution, discrimination or death for the simple act of professing the Christian faith. I join their sorrow for the lost souls of the unreasonable Boko Haram.

I also ask you, president Buhari, to take a decisive action and end this kind of persecution against innocent Nigerian Christians and help release Sharibu.

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End Christian Persecution in Nigeria demand #FreedomForSharibu

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