Safe Schools Program withdrawn from Tasmanian Schools

Controversial social engineering program is scrapped this week in Tasmania and NSW


Safe Schools Program withdrawn from Tasmanian Schools

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Safe Schools Program withdrawn from Tasmanian Schools

Good news this week as the Tasmanian State government announced that the government will be scrapping the controversial Safe Schools Program.

Tasmania’s Education and Training Minister Mr Jeremy Rockliff has confirmed that his government would not continue to fund the program — which has so far been adopted by 22 Tasmanian schools — once federal funding stops mid-year.

“The Tasmanian government is committed to providing a safe and inclusive school environment to support student learning and well-being, which is why we have invested $3 million over four years as part of the Combating Bullying budget initiative,” Mr Rockliff said.

He went on to state that it is up to each individual Tasmanian school “to make their own decisions about the programs used in their school, and government schools are encouraged to use the Department of Education’s own program.

“Given the significant investment in our own anti-bullying ­initiative, the state government has no plans to take over funding for the federal program.”

The move comes after the NSW Education Minister Rob Strokes also announced on Sunday that the ‘Safe Schools Coalition Program’ will be replaced by a new anti-bullying strategy in NSW schools after federal funding is withdrawn mid-year.

Former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott welcomed the decision over the weekend and stressed even though the strategy was implemented under his government in 2014 it was a Gillard-led Labor government policy. He tweeted: "Good that NSW is scrapping so-called Safe Schools, a social engineering programme dressed up as anti-bullying."

Indeed, even though the authors of the Safe Schools Program have continually stated that the program was designed to protect LGBTI school students from bullying and to educate teachers and school staff about LGBTI issues, Victorian officials have recently admitted that there is no hard evidence on rates of homophobic bullying to justify the program's funding. Instead, the "Safe Schools" program has been a sexual indoctrination project designed to get impressionable school-aged children to agree that, amongst other things:

  1. There is no such thing as physical/biological gender - that gender is something that you make up, or feel rather than biological sex.
  2. Gender-confusing activities, like cross-dressing, and dangerous activities, like breast binding (where a girl physically suppresses the growth of her breasts, on purpose) are acceptable
  3. Sexual experimentation at a young age helps a child discover their "identity"
  4. Every type of family structure is equally good - so that there is no particular benefit to children being raised by both a mother and father, when possible.

While no-one should be bullied or harassed because they are confused about their sex, this type of confusion should not be tacitly or vocally promoted in schools. If some children experience this type of confusion that is no reason for educators to suggest that their confusion is somehow normative.

Since the programme was introduced in 2014, evidence of the damaging consequences of its implementation is already apparent. There has been an epidemic in “transgender” children presenting to medical clinics requesting gender realignment surgery. Dr John Whitehall, Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University is one of few doctors who is willing to speak out against the “fashion in child surgical abuse” in relation to the treatment of children’s diagnosis of gender dysphoria. He suggests that the “massive intrusion into the minds and bodies of children… (is) collective madness.” Most transgender children will, “grow out of it through puberty if parents do little more than gently watch and wait…” he states.

So while we welcome the end of Safe Schools in Tasmania this week we need to ensure that any replacement will be an objective, non-ideological driven program that truly seeks the authentic development of a safe school environment. There should be no tolerance for bullying of any kind in our schools. We all want our schools to be safe spaces for children to grow, learn about themselves and to flourish as confident and resilient individuals.

We ask that you sign this petition to say thank you to the State Education and Training Minister, Jeremy Rockliff for this sensible move. We ask too that the government respects the rights of parents as the first and primary educators of their children to discuss and educate their children on important issues in relation to sexuality.  

We will send this petition to the Education and Training Minister Hon Jeremy Rockliff and copies to the Tasmanian Premier Hon Will Hodgman and the opposition leader Hon Rebecca White. Thank you for your help in this important matter.

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Thank you for scrapping the Safe Schools Coalition Program in Tasmanian Schools

To the Education and Training Minister Hon Jeremy Rockliff, Tasmanian Premier Hon Will Hodgman and opposition leader Hon Rebecca White: 

I would like to sincerely thank you for your decision to scrap the Safe Schools Program in Tasmanian schools. Thank you for listening to the concerns of thousands of citizens across the State in relation to this program and taking decisive action.

I believe that parents have the right to be the first educators of their children especially on important issues of sexuality. Thank you for respecting us. 

I believe that all children deserve a safe school environment, there should be no tolerance for bullying of any kind. We all want our schools to be safe spaces for children to grow, learn about themselves and to flourish as confident and resilient individuals. The safe schools' program, however, which is simply a social engineering project was not the way to achieve this.

[Your Name]

Safe Schools Program withdrawn from Tasmanian Schools

Sign this petition now!

135 people have signed. Help us reach 200 signatures.