Help keep Christian family from being deported back to the persecution of Nigeria

Petition to: Ahmed Hussen


Help keep Christian family from being deported back to the persecution of Nigeria

37,299 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.

Help keep Christian family from being deported back to the persecution of Nigeria

UPDATE: Sept. 21st, 2019

Last night, a benefit concert was held at the Rose City Kids ministry centre in Welland, Ontario in support of the Ogunkoya family's legal expenses. Around 150 were in attendance, with approximately $12,000 being raised.

A number of local bands and singers performed, including Hephzibah Ogunkoya (below).

Hephzibah Ogunkoya

Many local businesses also donated items for a silent auction.

It was a tremendous show of support from the local Welland community for this family that is facing imminent deportation to Nigeria, where their lives are in genuine peril.

UPDATE: Sept. 12th, 2019

Approximately 50 concerned citizens gathered in front of Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen's office in Toronto today to voice their support for the Ogunkoya family.

Some travelled from as far away as Fort Erie to be at our rally, which was held in conjunction with Rose City Kids, a Niagara Region youth ministry.

Ogunkoya Rally

Our petition was presented to a member of Minister Hussen's staff in his office during the rally. Minister Hussen’s staff-member refused our request to come out and address the protesters, and he declined to offer any comment on the Ogunkoya case. He said that Minister Hussen was not present today.

Ogunkoya Rally

When asked if he would pass along our concerns to the Minister about the difficulties we are facing in reaching out to him, the staff member refused to say he would do so.

Ogunkoya Rally

One of our participants recorded a brief video of the event: (8 minutes).

UPDATE: Sept. 4th, 2019

The Ogunkoya family has been ordered to appear at an Immigration Office on Sept. 19th in order to make arrangements for their imminent departure to Nigeria. They may only have a matter of weeks before they must leave the safety of Canada.

According to Sonya Wierenga of Rose City Kids, “It’s a death sentence for them to go back.”

We are planning a rally in front of Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen's Constituency Office in Toronto on Sept. 12th from 12 to 1 PM. There will also be a benefit concert at the Rose City Kids ministry on Sept. 20th at 7 PM.

In the meantime, we are asking supporters to sign and share this petition, and to phone Minister Hussen's office to ask him not to deport the Ogunkoya family to their death. His telephone number is: 416-656-2526

UPDATE: August 15th, 2019

CBC News published an article featuring a photograph of Mr. Trudeau with the two Ogankoya girls from their meeting yesterday. (See below).

However, instead of covering the real story, CBC simply reported "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hugs supporters Wednesday..." These girls are not "supporters". They are pleading for their very lives.

Ogunkoya Girls

UPDATE: August 14th, 2019

Watch the CitizenGO interview with Sonya Wierenga, Executive Director of Rose City Kids, a ministry helping 500 at-risk children in the Niagara Region. Sonya is assisting Morufat Ogunkoya and her three children as they seek to remain in Canada. They fled to Canada to escape persecution in Nigeria for their Christian faith, but the Canadian courts have issued a deportation order.

Sonya delivered a plea for the Ogunkoya Family to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in-person today. (Sonya is pictured below with Mr. Trudeau and two of Morufat's children.)

Plea to Justin Trudeau

March 31st, 2019

This family has already been refused permanent residency status and timing is critical.

This is a wonderful Christian family (mother and 3 children) who have fled persecution in Nigera.

The mother, Morufat,  volunteers at various places i.e. The Hope Center - Welland, Holy Trinity Anglican Church - Welland, Ozanam Soup Kitchen - St. Catherines, and St. Vincent de Paul - St. Catherines.

Victor, her son, is involved in Faith Welland youth group and volunteers at Rose City Kids - Welland as a junior leader, St. Kevin's Food Bank - Welland, and Faith Welland kids ministry.

The mother and son both work to support the family. The family have grown very attached to many in our community and they have only weeks to raise awareness and letters of support (petition) before they are deported back to Nigeria to the horrors of persecution and death.


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Petition to: Ahmed Hussen

Dear Minister of Immigration,

Please do not deport the Ogunkoya family and grant them permanent residency in Canada.  They are a wonderful family who work to support themselves, volunteer in many places and have positively impacted our community.  These are the kind of people we want in Canada and they will be greatly missed by many here in the Niagara area.  It would be very upsetting if you send them back to Nigeria where their lives will be in great danger.

Thank you for your serious consideration to this matter.

[Your Name]

Help keep Christian family from being deported back to the persecution of Nigeria

Sign this petition now!

37,299 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.