RCMP Commissioner Lucki: Indict Trudeau!

Petition to: Commissioner Lucki


RCMP Commissioner Lucki: Indict Trudeau!

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RCMP Commissioner Lucki: Indict Trudeau!

The Government of Canada is knowingly sending taxpayers' money down a path where it will end up in the hands of terrorists and/or extremists.

Key elected officials are named in an RCMP complaint, file #18-004212 (Oct/2018) and have alleged ties to extremism and funding terrorism, and yet they remain in positions of power.  There is rising concern the Canadian government is being infiltrated by radical Islamists and Islamist sympathizers, which poses a serious national threat.

The RCMP have had ample opportunity to take action but remain silent. Why?

As in the SNC Lavalin scandal, wherein reported obstruction of justice transpired, is Commissioner Lucki being prohibited (obstructed) from doing her job by the Attorney General or the Prime Minister's office?  According to section 5(1) of the RCMP Act the RCMP are to be independent of the government.

Tom Quiggin, along with Raheel Raza (Muslims Facing Tomorrow), Tahir Gora (The Canadian Thinkers Forum), and TAGTV produced a 132 page report with detailed evidence exposing the Canadian government, allegedly, funding terrorism.

Mr. Quiggin is a court-appointed terrorism expert, ex-military, ex-intelligence analyst. He is a well-respected and knowledgeable specialist in his field who has spent time overseas and advised leaders of countries of radical Islamist threats. 

Due to exposing the alleged criminal activity, Islamic Relief is taking legal action against the named parties of the report.  It appears Mr. Quiggin is being targeted in a frivolous multimillion-dollar lawsuit designed to prohibit him from sharing the facts with the public, and in an effort to instill fear should anyone else attempt to address the threat of Islamists committing nefarious acts within Canada.

If they succeed in silencing Mr. Quiggin, they silence us all.  This threat is real. As we witness the radical, strategic rise of a political Islamic take-over throughout Europe and the UK, so we are experiencing its rapid advancement here in Canada, unbeknownst to many.

Through Operation "Kill Switch", Mr.Quiggin is taking his matter to the Superior Court of Ontario.

If RCMP Commissioner Lucki were enforcing the law according to the Criminal Code set out would civilians be impelled to defend themselves against such powerful institutions? 

Please sign our petition and also show your support for Tom Quiggin's legal defence through the on-line Go Fund Me.

Now is the time to say NO to the politicization of our RCMP and the threat of political Islam.

Thank you for taking action and rising up in defence of this great Nation.

Tom Quiggin supported by Action4Canada



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Petition to: Commissioner Lucki

TO: RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

CC: Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale

CC: Minister of Justice, David Lametti

On October 9, 2018, a 132 page report was submitted to the Ottawa RCMP requesting a criminal investigation into the Government of Canada funding terrorism, within Canada, with taxpayers' money.

The Statement of Complaint named Justin Trudeau, Iqra Khalid, Omar Alghabra, Ahmed Hussen, Marie Claude Bibeau, and Chrystia Freeland and was issued an RCMP file #18-004212.

In February of 2019, an additional 36 page report was filed with the RCMP.  This information was forwarded twice with no acknowledgement to date of receipt or any action taken.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is required by law to investigate all reports of criminal activity. This report provides information to the RCMP (and others) to demonstrate that individuals within the Government of Canada are directing money to an organization, knowing that ultimately part of this money is funding terrorism. These activities are breaking Canadian criminal law and should be investigated under the Criminal Code of Canada [83.03; & 83.18 (1)]. Specifically, this relates to Islamic Relief Canada, its parent organization Islamic Relief Worldwide, and Hamas, which is a Muslim Brotherhood front organization according to its own original charter. Hamas is a listed terrorist organization in Canada.

Islamic Relief Worldwide has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates

Section 5(1) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act provides that...the Commissioner has the control and management of the RCMP and all matters connected to the Force....the Government of Canada recognizes and respects that police independence underpins the rule of law and ministerial direction cannot infringe on the independence of the RCMP in the exercise of police powers in criminal investigations.

It is evident that the RCMP have become politicized. If it is at the point that you feel you are unable to act on this matter and find yourself in a similar situation as Jody Wilson-Raybould then perhaps it is time to do the honourable thing and either expose it or withdraw yourself from the highly esteemed position of Commissioner of the Canadian RCMP.

Whatever you decide, please take immediate and defined action, as this is a matter of public interest and National Security.

[Your Name]

RCMP Commissioner Lucki: Indict Trudeau!

Sign this petition now!

1,767 people have signed. Help us reach 2,000 signatures.