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Say NO to a "Gay" Loonie!

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Canadian Coins Should Not Promote Division

Dear Royal Canadian Mint,

I am very upset over the planned release of a pro-homosexual one dollar coin later this year. I do not want a "gay" loonie.

When Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau decriminalized homosexual acts in 1969, he famously said, "there's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation." In other words, people's private sexual practices should stay private, and the government should keep out. If that is the case, then why are you promoting certain sexual practices on Canada's official coinage? It is like the government is opening up the doors of certain bedrooms and inviting everyone in to watch. This is unacceptable and un-Canadian.

Just because homosexual acts have been legalized, that does not mean they should be celebrated or commemorated. Divorce is also legal - many restrictions on divorce were lifted in 1969, but that does not call for the minting of a "pro-divorce" one dollar coin. Abortion laws were also liberated in 1969, but that does not mean there should be a "pro-abortion" loonie.

There are many things that are perfectly legal in Canada, which are not only questionable but also immoral. The government has chosen to step out of the debate on these issues and has left it up to ordinary citizens to decide. By minting a coin to celebrate homosexuality, the government is not only stepping back into the debate, but it is taking a strong stand on one side. This is sure to alienate and divide many people. This is not the function of our national coinage!

The fact is that many religious Canadians consider homosexual acts to be sinful - a serious offence to God. Also, numerous non-religious Canadians feel homosexual acts are unnatural or unhealthy - at odds with normal human biological and reproductive functions. Many will feel uncomfortable using or carrying these coins. Some will believe they must reject them entirely. This is sure to widen the current rift in Canadian society and may promote discrimination against traditionally-minded people.

Therefore, I am asking you not to mint a "gay" loonie in 2019. The government must withdraw its plans for any design that celebrates homosexual acts. I do not want homosexuality forced upon me and my country.

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Say NO to a "Gay" Loonie!

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