Couple barred from fostering because they are Christian

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Couple barred from fostering because they are Christian

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Couple barred from fostering because they are Christian

A husband-and-wife couple in Ontario has been rejected as foster care providers for needy children just because of their Christian faith.

Back in 2017, this couple (known as “L and A” for the sake of privacy) applied to become foster parents with Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions. They graciously offered to open up their home to a needy child and provide their unconditional love, support, and care.

L and A went through the required training programme early in 2018, after which they were interviewed by a Child Services social worker.

The social worker asked some very personal questions about L and A’s beliefs, religion, and church. She questioned them if their church “still believes in some of the more outdated parts of the Bible” (implying that the Bible – the Word of God – is somehow faulty and flawed.)

When L responded that his church believes in ALL of the Bible, the social worker went on to ask L about his views on homosexuality. L explained that, even though homosexuality is a sin, all people are created in the image of God and are worthy of respect and dignity. Any children placed in their care – regardless of their sexual preferences – would be treated with unconditional love and compassion, L commented.

Six months later, in October of 2018, L and A received a letter from Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions informing them that they had been REJECTED as foster parents. The letter stated: “We feel that the policies of our agency do not appear to fit with your values and beliefs and therefore, we will be unable to move forward with an approval for your family as a resources home.”

In a subsequent telephone conversation, the social worker confirmed to L that their Bible-based views on homosexuality were the real reason for their rejection.

L and A are now fighting against this discriminatory decision. They have engaged lawyers from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms to help them be reconsidered as foster parents.

The Justice Centre sent a letter to Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions stating that they “unlawfully dismissed the couple’s application, not due to any legitimate deficiency in their qualifications, but due solely to Child Services’ prejudice and bias against the religious beliefs of the [couple].”

Though it is tragic that L and A’s rights have been trampled, and Christians in the Simcoe Muskoka region are being blatantly discriminated against, the greater tragedy is that needy children are being denied a loving, wholesome family environment in a caring Christian home.


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Do Not Ban Christian Foster Homes

Dear Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions,

On October 24, 2018, L and A, a Christian couple, received a letter from your agency rejecting their application to serve as foster parents to needy children. The only reason stated for this was: “the policies of our agency do not appear to fit with your values and beliefs.”

We feel that your agency is unjustly discriminating against the Christian beliefs and values of L and A. In fact, your agency is demonstrating a clear bias against the Christian religion and the Holy Bible. This attitude, in effect, bars an entire class of people from serving with your agency purely on the grounds of their faith.

This is not only a violation of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Ontario Human Rights Code, but it is also a violation of common decency and human compassion. Would you deny a needy child a loving, caring home just because of the prejudice of certain social workers in your agency?

We ask that you reconsider the application of L and A as foster parents. Look at their actual qualifications and merits, and do not exclude them simply because of your agency’s prejudice against their religion.

[Your Name]

Couple barred from fostering because they are Christian

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6,524 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.