Medical ethics in Ontario receives a lethal injection



Medical ethics in Ontario receives a lethal injection

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Medical ethics in Ontario receives a lethal injection

When it comes to healthcare, no one wants second-best. We want the best medicine, the best technology, and the best doctors, who have our best interests at heart! No one wants a doctor with shady morals or questionable ethics. No one wants a doctor we can’t trust! But that is exactly what the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is foisting upon every Ontario citizen – unethical doctors.

The College now requires every doctor to have a hand in the murderous acts of abortion and euthanasia. For doctors who refuse to do the deed themselves, they must effectively refer to another doctor who will. They must act as accomplices in murder!

Many doctors rightly find this repugnant and in direct violation of their code of ethics. In the Hippocratic Oath, the traditional standard of medical ethics, doctors not only swear to “do no harm”, but they promise, “I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan.” Abortion is also explicitly renounced. There is an understanding that these things are forbidden by both God and conscience.

However, in a recent Superior Court ruling, hundreds of morally-minded Ontario doctors were told to toe the line or find a different job! The Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada, along with other concerned groups, failed in their attempt to overturn the College’s new policy. And while the court agreed that doctors have a right to follow their religion, the right of patients to access abortion and euthanasia was deemed superior. In other words, “convenience” is more critical than “conscience”!

The three judges stated in their ruling: “physicians are required to place the interests of their patients ahead of their own personal interests in the event of a conflict.” The judges’ assumption, of course, is that refusing to kill is nothing more than a personal preference, and that this is somehow at odds with a patient’s wellbeing! But what the judges failed to recognize is that doctors who refuse actually have the patient’s wellbeing at heart! These doctors do not believe that killing is ever in the best interests of anyone!

Dr. Jim Lane, president of the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians’ Societies comments, “There’s been many jurisdictions in the world that have approved assisted suicide, or euthanasia, but none of them have forced their doctors against their conscience to refer or perform these procedures.” Ontario now stands alone in the world in pushing ethical, morally-minded doctors to either kill or “be killed” (professionally speaking).

What type of doctor would you rather have responsible for your care and treatment? A doctor with a conscience, who really wants what’s best for you? Or would you rather have a morally-compromised doctor? Would you rather have a doctor who has no qualms about killing unborn babies or the disabled and elderly?

Larry Worthen, executive director of the Christian Medical and Dental Society, said: “We heard from our members and other doctors with conscientious objections over and over again that they felt referral [to abortion and euthanasia] made them complicit and that they wouldn’t be able to live with themselves or stay in the profession if effective referral is still required.”

The College of Physicians and Surgeons has robbed all Ontarians of the choice of an ethical doctor. By superimposing the right to “access” for certain people for certain procedures, the College and the Court have abolished the right to ethical care for everyone. Medical ethics in Ontario has just received a lethal injection! If you want a doctor you can trust with your life, one who upholds the Hippocratic Oath, you must now leave the province! This is totally unacceptable, and the College needs to hear from every single Ontarian who cares!





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I demand an ethical doctor

I believe that I have a right to ethical medical care in the province of Ontario. For me, that means having access to doctors who hold to the highest standards and who have their patients’ best interests at heart.

Doctors who refuse to refer for abortion and euthanasia are men and women who indeed have their patients’ best interests at heart. They seek to uphold our human dignity and respect the right to life for all. For them, personal and professional integrity are paramount. This is the type of doctor I want to choose for my healthcare needs in Ontario.

Your decision to force objecting doctors to refer or change jobs is reprehensible. You are pushing out decent, conscientious, trustworthy doctors. Now where can I turn for my medical care? I will never trust a doctor with questionable ethics. I will never trust a doctor who is willing to kill or refer to kill! I am afraid to place my life in their bloodied hands. I am asking you to respect my right to access ethical medical care in Ontario. Please allow me to have a doctor who refuses to kill.

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Medical ethics in Ontario receives a lethal injection

Sign this petition now!

3,992 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.