Support Equal Rights for All Human Beings!

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Support Equal Rights for All Human Beings!

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Support Equal Rights for All Human Beings!

The annual national March for Life is set for Thursday, May 10th, 2018 in Ottawa. We are expecting thousands to attend this historic event to take a stand for human rights for all human beings - from conception to natural death.

CitizenGO is planning to join in the March and speak out loud and clear to our political leaders and influencers. It is our hope that we will be able to make a difference by adding our voices and our presence in the nation's capital.

Leading up to the March for Life, we want to encourage all Canadians to sign our petition in support of equal human rights for all Canadians - including the preborn! Even if you cannot make it out to the March, please add your name to this petition. It will help us to show Justin Trudeau and his liberal government that abortion is NOT a settled issue - that women's rights do not include the right to kill.

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Equal Rights for All Human Beings in Canada

To the Attention of the Government of Canada:

I am calling on you to put an end to the greatest injustice in our nation's history.

The personhood of a certain class of human beings is being denied in Canada.

Until you are born and emerge complete from your mother's birth canal, you have no personal rights. From the moment of your conception until birth - for the entire nine months of your time inside your mother's womb - you are a non-person under Canadian law. You may be murdered for any reason or no reason at all - without any legal consequence. It is like you do not even exist until you are born fully whole.

This concept of human rights is entirely archaic - it seems to come out of some primitive pagan superstition. It surely does not reflect a modern, scientifically-informed understanding of human life. Science is clear: At the moment of our conception, a unique human life is created, with our own distinct characteristics and DNA. Though we are dependent on our mothers, we are each a separate, distinct human. That is how we all began.

In addition to science, Christianity further asserts that every human life is a gift from God, created in His divine image, worthy of protection and respect from the very moment of his or her creation at conception.

Since the legalization of abortion in 1969, over 4 million human beings are known to have been killed. On average, 100,000 legal killings are committed annually in Canada. This is a horror of epic proportions.

But what is even more disturbing is how some politicians promote and celebrate this barbarism under the banner of so-called "reproductive rights", claiming that women are liberated by being free to have their own daughters and sons killed before birth.

There is no universal "right to kill"! This unspeakable atrocity must stop immediately!

In response, thousands of Canadians are planning to gather on Parliament Hill on May 10th, 2018 for the March for Life.

I am asking you to listen to these Canadians - your constituents - and put an end to abortion.

I demand that you recognize equal rights for all human beings from conception onward, in accord with science and with God.

[Your Name]

Support Equal Rights for All Human Beings!

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3,377 people have signed.