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Help Nominate Mary Wagner for European Parliament Prize

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Help Nominate Mary Wagner for European Parliament Prize

UPDATE: October 9th, 2018

We are sad to report that European parliamentarians have decided to not include Mary Wagner on the short list (top three) of Sakharov Prize candidates.

Nevertheless, we are pleased she had made it to the top eight. We are also pleased that over 21,000 of you have made your voices heard and sent a powerful message to Europe on the human rights of the preborn.

We have a rare opportunity in the European Parliament to honour the unborn child's right to life in a way that has never been achievable for us before.

We believe that you remember Mary Wagner.

This heroic Canadian has stood on trial repeatedly for offering support and handing out roses to women in abortion clinics. In the name of the "law", she was deprived of her freedom as a consequence of allegedly "disrupting the freedom to conduct business activities". She spent nearly five years in total in Canadian prison, despite the pleas of thousands of people all over the world who demanded her acquittal.

Mary has recently been chosen to be a candidate for the Andriej Sakharov Prize. This initiative was undertaken by Marek Jurek, a Member of the European Parliament, with the support of 40 MEPs.

This symbolic and prestigious prize is awarded by the European Parliament annually to those who devote their lives to a peaceful fight for human rights.

Few people, like Mary, offer us such a great symbol of the peaceful struggle for the rights of the weakest among us - for the rights of unborn children whose voices cannot be heard.

On October 9th, a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Development Committee will be held in the European Parliament. Then, three finalists will be selected from the eight candidates nominated this year to the prize.

We at CitizenGO supported Mary Wagner when she was standing trial, as well as when she was sentenced to prison. We did it also when she was released and came to Poland to thank the Polish people for their offer of assistance. Today we would like to support her candidature for the Sakharov Prize. We believe that she deserves it like no one else for her persistent attitude and courage.

The testimony of her life the last few years proves that, nowadays, human rights are violated with kid gloves, and that Canada - a country that pretends to be the avant-garde in defending rights and freedoms - consistently, and in an extremely ruthless manner, ignores the rights of its citizens to help pregnant women and peacefully defend human life.

Canada has one of the most liberal positions on abortion in the world. It is one of only a few countries where the criminal law does not prohibit abortion. The killing of the unborn is legal through all nine months of pregnancy, until the child emerges whole from the mother’s womb. Since the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in 1988, abortion has been legal with no restrictions.

We hope that you would consider supporting MEPs' efforts and that you will join with us in signing this petition to the members of the Joint Committees to nominate Mary Wagner as the Sakharov Prize finalist.

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Nominate Mary Wagner for the Sakharov Prize

I am really excited that you are considering Mary Wagner for the Andrei Sakharov prize.

There is no doubt that this woman, persecuted and imprisoned for many years for peacefully defending human life, deserves to be awarded a prestigious European Parliament Prize. This is especially so since she was condemned to this unjust and humiliating fate by Canada, which tries to be perceived as an exemplary defender of human rights.

I believe that the European Parliament, which has already honoured many women, including those persecuted by the Islamic State, will be ready to recognize with equal courage and resolution the persecutions of a woman by a country where the protection of all citizens' rights seems to have been guaranteed for years.

Counting on your impartiality in the case of this nomination, I would like to ask for your support for this steadfast Canadian's candidature. Let this disgraceful case of her many years' imprisonment for peacefully defending values that are not respected by Canadian law be commemorated by the international community by this Sakharov Prize nomination.

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Help Nominate Mary Wagner for European Parliament Prize

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