Britain should fly the flag of unity - the rainbow is divisive!

The rainbow is political


Britain should fly the flag of unity - the rainbow is divisive!

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Britain should fly the flag of unity - the rainbow is divisive!

During the month of June the rainbow flag is ubiquitous, appearing everywhere from cornflake packets to corporate logos, yet for many people far from being a sign of welcome, the rainbow flag has transformed into an oppressive motif symbolising forced conformity with an aggressive set of hyper-sexualised values. While one can to some extent understand the mindset of corporations looking to cash in on the value of the ‘pink pound’, consumers can at least exercise the choice not to endorse brands which have received the ‘rainbow-wash’.

It is a different matter however when government buildings and other public bodies choose to display the rainbow symbol, as these are institutions which are supposed be representing the people. Imagine the uproar if the government ordered buildings to fly the flag  containing the symbol of a political party, such as the red rose of Labour, the oak tree of the Conservatives or even the pound sign of UKIP! There would (rightly) be an outcry because in any healthy democratic society there will be a diversity of political opinion and while one party might currently represent the majority opinion, there will also be other citizens who who feel alienated and even angered by the values represented by a particular political symbol. It is not the role of the government to endorse any one point of view.

The same principle applies to the rainbow flag which is every bit as divisive as a party-political symbol. We live in a pluralistic society and there are people of all faiths and none, who do not condone the sexual libertinism or gender ideology represented by the rainbow flag. Moreover the LGBT community is not a homogenous mass and many lesbians and gay men have themselves expressed discomfort not only with the values represented by the rainbow but also the overt corporatisation and sexual exhibitionism which is part and parcel of every Pride event. 

The celebration of Pride has become in effect, little more than a corporate sex party, designed to line the pockets of major companies, giving them free publicity and a chance to position themselves as socially responsible, when the reality is that Pride events are now nothing more than a public celebration of sexual self-indulgence and lewdness from which many families and young children are compelled to stay away.   It is ironic too that members of the lesbian and gay community have vowed to stay away from Pride events having themselves been intimidated and turned-off by many of the outrageous displays of sexuality and some lesbians have even been ejected from the parade, simply for stating that they are only attracted to women!

Despite the fact that there is clearly no common consensus in the UK supporting either the rainbow flag or controversial Pride events the government has issued orders in the language of ‘guidance’ compelling government buildings in Whitehall to display the rainbow flag from the 1st July 2019 for the entire duration of Pride week. It has also strongly encouraged other local authorities to follow suit. 

We are calling on the Secretary of State for Digital. Culture, Media and Sport to reflect on the divisive nature of the rainbow flag and immediately withdraw the guidance. It is not the role of the government to endorse an entirely subjective set of moral values or to use political propaganda in order to force public conformity.

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The government should be neutral - don't fly the rainbow flag

Dear Mr Wright,

I write to ask you in your capacity as Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, to rescind the guidance issued by your department, encouraging Whitehall Government Buildings and other local authorities, to fly the Rainbow flag in order to mark London Pride.

The Rainbow flag is a political symbol which carries the same potency as for example, the red rose of the Labour party or the scribbled oak tree of the Conservatives. It denotes a set of ideological values with which a significant proportion of the population vehemently disagree. The rainbow flag does not, as many would claim, merely signify tolerance but seeks to impose unqualified acceptance of subjective moral values and sexual ethics. 

This is not purely a religious objection. There are people of all faiths and none who are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the prevalence of the rainbow flag which appears to have unofficially been adopted as an official state symbol.

Pride events are supposed to be about the celebration and toleration of difference and yet members of the lesbian community are finding themselves marginalised, unwelcome and in some cases, actively ejected from many Pride marches. Many members of the LGBT community have in recent years publicly distanced themselves from the Pride movement and the promotion of gender ideology signified by the rainbow.

Far from being a sign of welcome or unity the rainbow flag is a divisive symbol within the UK. It does not represent our pluralistic society or diverse communities and therefore has no place being officially sanctioned as a symbol of British values outside government buildings.

Please ask the College of Arms to withdraw this guidance.

Yours sincerely,
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Britain should fly the flag of unity - the rainbow is divisive!

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