Reject LGBT teaching in primary schools

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Reject LGBT teaching in primary schools

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Reject LGBT teaching in primary schools

Update January 2020

The government is now doubling down in their efforts to paint parents who object to their primary-school age children being taught inappropriate and politically motivated LGBT content, as being aggressors who need to be managed and dealt with by the law. The Department for Education has issued a document on their website which informs schools to be suspicious of groups of parents writing to them about the LGBT content in their Relationships and Sex Education corriculum and if necessary to inform the local police, in case these parents might wish to peacefully protest.

In another concerning development it has come to light that the non-elected and therefore non-accountable, permanent secretary to the Department for Education which is making all these changes, is a Stonewall Champion, who has been recognised on behalf of his advocacy and promotion of this political lobby group in his working life. 

The Department for Education (DfE) has issued a revised response to the new Relationships and Sex Education Regulations, marking a sea-change in attitude which will effectively force primary schools to adopt LGBT content in their curricula.

The previous response from the DfE stated that while schools were encouraged to include LGBT content if they considered this age-appropriate, there was no specific requirement to do this and schools could use their discretion to opt-out.

The new response says “Pupils should receive teaching on LGBT content during their school years. Teaching children about the society that we live in and the different types of loving, healthy relationships that exist can be done in a way that respects everyone. Primary schools are strongly encouraged and enabled to cover LGBT content when teaching about different types of families.”

This will make it extremely difficult for schools to resist and it is an open assault on parents’ rights to have children educated in line with their philosophical or religious beliefs, which is enshrined in law in the 1988 Human Rights Act. This is also in contravention of the Equalities Act which lists religion or belief as one of the nine protected characteristics.

While schools will still be required to consult with parents, this is nothing more than a paper exercise. Consultation with parents will not provide any kind of parental veto. It will be completely up to schools to decide when and how the content is delivered.

By issuing this new guidance the Department for Education displays utter contempt for the rights of parents who will have no say as to whether or not their children might be taught ideology which has the potential for real harm, both prematurely sexualising children and making them vulnerable to sexual predators and introducing confusing ideas about sex and gender which could lead to children seeking unnecessary medical intervention. One local education authority run by Warwickshire County Council has even published lessons plans teaching children as young as six about sexual touching. 

By denying parental rights to determine what and when their children are taught about such sensitive subject matter, the government and the Department for Education are behaving like a totalitarian regime which treats children as state property. It is also illegally prioritising one view over another and effectively suppressing faith-based views.

There is already widespread concern about the introduction of compulsory Relationship and Sex education into primary schools starting this September which is allowing well-funded lobby groups to promote their propoganda in schools. Stonewall have published guidance stating that children as young as five need to be taught about lesbian, gay and transgender issues in every single lesson. 

Sign the petition to tell the Department of Education not to impose LGBT ideology on primary school children,  to respect the rights of parents and to revise their guidance immediately. 

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Primary schools shouldn't be forced to teach LGBT material

To the Secretary of State for education

I am writing to voice my opposition to the new response to the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Regulations  issued by the Department for Education which effectively forces primary schools to introduce LGBT content into the classroom. 

Together with the new regulations, this response violates parents’ rights to remove their children from RSE which they deem inappropriate and confirms that well-funded lobbying organisations are being given free reign to promote their propaganda in schools, constituting illegal political activity.

This denial of parental rights is illegal on two counts; it violates parental rights enshrined under the Human Rights Act of 1988 and also goes against the Equality Act 2010, which holds faith as a protected characteristic worthy of the same protection as those who identify as LGBT.

By denying parents the chance to have any input into what is taught to their children about these highly sensitive issues along with the opportunity to withdraw their children from lessons, the Department for Education is acting like a totalitarian state which treats children as their personal property and rides roughshod over the rights of parents.

It is an effective suppression of faith-based views, of those from a minority ethnic community and anyone else who may hold a philosophical or moral objection to their children being taught this material.

I urge you to revise your response immediately, making it clear that primary schools are not obliged to introduce LGBT content.

Yours sincerely

[Your Name]

Reject LGBT teaching in primary schools

Sign this petition now!

67,020 people have signed. Help us reach 100,000 signatures.