Support Parents Opposing Transgender Ideology in Schools

Stop Imposing Transgender Ideology on Our Schools


Support Parents Opposing Transgender Ideology in Schools

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Support Parents Opposing Transgender Ideology in Schools

A Christian family is preparing to take legal action against a school for allowing children to change their “gender identity”.

Nigel and Sally Rowe have removed their six-year-old son from the school after a classmate was declared “transgendered” and came to school demanding to be recognised as female on some days.

Mr. Rowe told The Sunday Times: “A child aged six would sometimes come to school as a girl or sometimes come to school as a boy. Our concerns were raised when our son came back home from school saying he was confused as to why and how a boy was now a girl.

“We believe it is wrong to encourage very young children to embrace transgenderism, boys are boys and girls are girls. Gender dysphoria is something we as Christians need to address with love and compassion, but not in the sphere of a primary school environment.”

However, the school has defended its behaviour by claiming pupils are protected under the Equalities Act of 2010 and stating: “The refusal to acknowledge a transgendered person’s true gender” was “transphobic behaviour”.

The couple have already appeared before a hostile media (here and here) who are apparently unable to understand why anyone might have a problem with this.

The problem is that by endorsing one child’s gender confusion, the school is thereby imparting a lesson to all the other pupils i.e. that it is really possible for a boy to become a girl and for a girl to become a boy. This is a profound redefinition of reality which the vast majority of people simply do not accept, and these parents are perfectly entitled to object to this falsity which is being taught to their children.

The school and those critical of the parents are apparently completely oblivious to how the schools actions completely undermine the authority of parents, and how it is not the project of education to advance extremely contentious theories about gender – including the idea that sex and gender are two distinct and unrelated things, that gender can be fluid, that gender can change, that boys can become girls and girls can become boys.

The promotion of transgender ideology particularly among children has become very fashionable among progressive elites particularly in the media. This is despite the fact that 70%-80% of children who expressed transgender feelings eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty.

The vast majority of people reject an ideology which says that men can become women and women can become men, and also recognise it is profoundly wrong to force this ideology on children especially without the consent of their parents.

Proponents of this redefinition of reality imply that unless parents completely endorse this ideology, bullying will result. Yet as this family are absolutely clear, no form of bullying is acceptable and simply disagreeing with an ideology is not a form of exclusion.

The couple are right to take a stand against this creeping statism, which sees the state expanding ever further into family life.

Please sign this petition in support of this family as they fight to oppose the redefinition of reality.

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Petition in Support of Nigel and Sally Rowe

Dear Mr and Mrs Rowe,

I heartily commend you on the stand you are taking against the advance of transgender ideology in your son’s schools, and wish also to thank you for the legal challenge you are mounting against the school.

As you have rightly said, there are many people across this country who are deeply concerned about the spread of this ideology particularly in schools, and I am grateful for your stand against it.

I wish also to commend you for your decision to remove your son from this school and educate him at home. There is often considerable sacrifice in doing this and it is encouraging to see you making this decision.

As this case proceeds in court, know that you have my support and I hope that you are successful.

[Your Name]

Support Parents Opposing Transgender Ideology in Schools

Sign this petition now!

23,440 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.