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Protect single sex spaces

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Protect single sex spaces

In 2018 the UK government set out a consultation on reforming the 2004 Gender Recognition Act asking the public and interested parties to comment on whether or not the process of legally changing one’s sex ought to be simplified and made easier. 

Currently, individuals who wish to change their gender must have two medical reports confirming a diagnosis of gender dysphoria AND demonstrate that they have undergone a social transition and lived in their ‘acquired gender’ for a minimum of two years. 

One of the government’s proposals was self-ID which would sweep away these current safeguarding measures. Self ID would allow for anyone who wants to be known as a different sex, for whatever reason, to simply go online and fill out a form in order for this change to take place, irrespective of whether or not they are currently attempting to live as a member of the opposite sex.

It is important to remember that biological sex can never be changed. 

If self-ID is brought into law, it will have the following effects:

  • The downgrading of objective truth, whereby biological sex is reduced to nothing more than a subjective personal feeling.

  • The protections within the Equality Act against sex-based discrimination will be removed, affecting things like equal pay. 

  •  Accurate record-keeping, necessary for public health and social science and planning, will be made impossible.

  • Single-sex spaces for women and girls would effectively be outlawed. Anyone who claimed to identify as a woman, regardless of their appearance or physical genitalia, would be able to access female-only spaces and facilities.

There are clearly so many dangers if self-ID is allowed to come into force. Firstly for women and girls, especially those from religious minorities who will be forced to withdraw from public life if they are not allowed to keep biological males out of their intimate spaces. 

If self-ID is allowed, there would be nothing to prevent men seeking to occupy women’s refuges and prisons (as has already been the case), as well as access female toilets and changing rooms and it is likely that women’s sport could become obsolete as men choose to compete in women’s categories, where they enjoy a physical advantage.

Just as important, removing the various medical and psychological checks and balances currently in place, also puts transsexuals and those with gender dysphoria at risk.

In April Liz Truss, Minister for Women and Equalities  said that she would protect single-sex spaces for women and girls and maintain the current checks and balances in the system for transgender individuals.

The government was due to announce on reforms to the Gender Recognition Act in July 2020, but has now delayed this announcement until at least the end of Summer.

It is likely that Liz Truss has come under significant pressure from the LGBT lobby following her previous statement. Please sign our petition, asking the minister to keep her promise and protect single-spaces for women and girls. 


Liz Truss speech to Women and Equalities Select  Committee  April  2020 -

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Keep your promise to protect women

Dear Miss Truss,

In the light of the news that the government response to the consultation regarding the Gender Recognition Act, is being delayed,
I am writing to ask you as the minister for Women and Equalities to abide by the commitment you made in April 2020 to protect single sex spaces for women and girls as well as keep the important checks and balances in place for those wishing to legally change their gender.

If self-identification comes into force it will effectively sweep away various protections which allow vulnerable women including many of  those from minority communities to participate in public life.

While we accept that it is important for all individuals to be able to live their lives free of unjust discrimination, polling data from YouGov  demonstrates that 63% of the population believes that medical evidence should be necessary before a person can identify as a different gender and similarly 61% of the public believes that evidence of having lived in their new gender for 2 years, should be required before a Gender Recognition Certificate can be acquired.

Most people also  do not support those who have not had surgery being allowed to be admitted to women’s facilities and yet research from Fair Play for Women and Girls demonstrates that almost 90% of transgender women who wish to access women’s bathrooms and changing rooms still retain their male genitalia.

There have been many cases of males inappropriately accessing female-only facilities, such as the notorious sex-attacker “Karen White” who used their new gender identity to be admitted to a woman’s prison where they went on to assault female inmates.

Many prominent transgender campaigners are also against self-identification proposals which would remove important checks and balances, designed to ensure that they and vulnerable children who do not conform to stereotypes are not placed on an irreversible medical pathway.

Please honour your commitment to respect the dignity, privacy and safety of  women and reject self-ID.

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Protect single sex spaces

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