Clean up Twitter!

Stamp out campaigns of harassment and abuse


Clean up Twitter!

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Clean up Twitter!

Twitter is fast gaining a reputation as a social media medium that cannot be trusted due to its inconsistent approach towards abuse and harassment.

In many cases, Conservative voices are frequently silenced and suspended for expressing nothing more than a point of view.

Over the past few years, critics of gender ideology, feminists and pro-life campaigners and scientists who question the efficacy of the Covid vaccine have all been banned because their points of view are deemed to be offensive or ‘harmful’.

On the other hand, despite the introduction of rules to keep users safe, Twitter is happy to allow discussion of paedophilia and promotion of pornography and is also beset with anonymous abusive trolls who aim to drive individuals off the platform and prevent them from engaging in the digital world, with campaigns of personal abuse and harassment.

One such recent example is Northern Ireland MP Diane Dodds, targeted by a troll over the Christmas period. An anonymous account responded to Mrs Dodds ‘Happy New Year’s message with taunts about her deceased nine-year-old son.

This behaviour sickened every right-thinking person, yet the platform did not believe that the post contravened any of its rules regarding abuse and harassment and allowed the tweet and the account to remain. It later transpired the same account had been engaged in a three-year online campaign of harassment towards a man who witnessed his father’s murder as a child.

CitizenGO campaign director Caroline Farrow has been the subject of years of prolonged abuse from a group of dedicated activists and personal haters. Over the past few years, one Twitter account has been outing personal details and even abusing her school-aged children. Yet, despite repeated reports, Twitter refuses to do anything about the account and others like it.

Caroline is not the only victim of this account which has also repeatedly targeted a deaf woman who recently lost her partner, a man whose mother was dying of Alzheimer’s and a young widow whose young son was recovering from cancer.

This account is not an isolated incident. There are thousands of people being caused enormous psychological distress and resulting mental health problems as a result of cyber-trolling on the platform both because circumnavigating Twitter’s security procedures is straightforward and also because Twitter’s enforcement team don’t appear to employ human beings or apply any common sense.

Twitter needs to take the following steps:

  • Have a verification process so that users can be held accountable

  • Have a dedicated customer service team staffed by humans, not algorithms, to ensure abusive accounts are swiftly removed

It is not enough to tell users simply to block abusive accounts. Twitter is a public platform that anyone can read across the world, regardless of whether or not they have an account. 

Sign our petition demanding that Twitter takes steps to clean up their act.

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Stop targeted harassment and abuse on your platform

Over Christmas, Diane Dodds, a politician from Northern Ireland, was targeted by an anonymous troll who taunted her about her deceased nine-year-old. Son.

Twitter did not believe this sickening behaviour contravened any of its rules on abuse and harassment and allowed both the offending tweet and the anonymous abusive account to remain on your platform.

This is not an isolated incident. For the past three years, the same account has been allowed to troll and taunt a man who witnessed the murder of his father when he was a child.

Free speech does not extend to the abuse of the vulnerable. Thanks to Twitter’s policies, identifying the individuals responsible for the criminal and civil misdemeanours committed on the platform is almost impossible. It is a costly and time-consuming process.

Many users find themselves abused and subject to campaigns of vicious defamation and online bullying, which they are powerless to do anything about and which Twitter refuses to remove. They report frustration at not being able to speak directly to a human being and explain the broader context of a particular post.

Anonymous accounts or pseudonyms need to be used responsibly. Your platform should not be able to be used as a tool for harassment.  I urge you to implement a verification process that would allow users to be quickly identified and a better monitoring process and local customer service centre so that users can be confident that you are doing their best to protect them.

In recent years, social media has become the public square. Twitter is the go-to platform for breaking news and the fast-flowing exchange of information and ideas. It is publicly searchable, and therefore individuals who are not even on the forum can still find references to themselves or their family members.

On the one hand, Twitter readily bans users for expressing politically unfashionable or traditional ideas, such as feminists who do not believe that people can change sex, pro-lifers who believe that an unborn baby is human, and scientists who dispute the efficacy of the covid vaccine; on the other, they allow for accounts that promote paedophilia, distribute pornography and conduct campaigns of abuse and harassment against vulnerable and innocent people. 

If Twitter does not clean up its act, then it will find its usefulness and user base vastly diminished.

You have issued a statement that Twitter will not become a forum that facilitates abuse - please stand by your actions. 

[Your Name]

Clean up Twitter!

Sign this petition now!

5,992 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.