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Roe Vs. Wade has been overturned by the supreme court. This effectively gives states authority over their abortion laws. Thus, the battle is just beginning. 

There are several states where Abortion is legal, and will most likely remain legal. These are states such as New York, and California.

It is shocking, but sadly true.

Huge multi-national companies like Amazon and Apple are paying their employees to abort babies.

The Netherlands Minister of Health, Ernst Kuipers, announced on June 27, 2022 that the government plans to approve a protocol to permit child euthanasia in October.

I remember when we could count on Republicans to stand by Christians and members of the faith-based community and declare that marriage is a sacred institution between one man and one woman.

Now they are days away from selling us out. 

The Biden Administration has just instructed the ICE border control to perform Abortions on any immigrant that crosses the border. 

Our border is flooded as it is with people who want to come here, either legally, or illegally. Regardless if they are legal or not, the lives of these immigrants matter just as much as yours or mine. As do their children. 

Our public schools are using your tax dollars to fund LGBTQ+ indoctrination. 

Drag Queens, who are grown men dressed up in stereotyped female clothes, and grotesque makeup, are performing in multiple schools throughout NYC. 

A terrorist group known as “Janes revenge” has initiated violent attacks against several communities as a result of the Roe Vs. Wade leak. 

As soon as these evil radicals discovered that abortion was under threat, they revealed their true colors. 

These terrorists are allied with death. 

State Farm, an insurance company that insures millions of Americans, has chosen to betray basic laws of decency, and morality to pander to the LGBTQ agenda. In a shocking move,

State Farm has been intentionally trying to target kindergartners for discussions around transgender issues, and sexual identity issues, which are completely inappropriate. 

Roe vs. Wade is a 1973 lawsuit that famously led to the Supreme Court making a ruling on women's right to an abortion. They ruled that the constitution gives the right to women to kill their babies. This is one of the worst decisions in supreme court history.

The time is here. The moment has arrived. 


Sports used to base themselves around a fundamental concept; men compete against men, and women compete against women. 

The NCAA and college sports have forsaken women completely and currently allow biological men to compete against women if they identify as women!