No Mandatory Vaccination in Europe!

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No Mandatory Vaccination in Europe!

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No Mandatory Vaccination in Europe!

If you believe that freedom restrictions with the excuse of the pandemic have already reached a limit, then reading this email, you will realize that things could get even worse...

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, has said that we need to talk about mandatory vaccinations within the EU.

And although she initially insists that this decision is within the competence of the member states, and therefore not up to her, she then explicitly goes on to say that this requires a "common approach."

This is EU code language, which means that she does not simply want to leave it up to individual countries to make their own policies... but that she wants all EU member states to agree on an EU-wide vaccination requirement.

This is outrageous! The national government is already overstepping its bounds when it wants to introduce mandatory vaccination at the national level, as in Austria, but mandatory vaccination coordinated at the EU level would go much further. It would be an unprecedented attack by the EU on the self-determination of European citizens!

The EU has nothing to do with the personal decisions of citizens with regard to medical treatment.

Therefore, please sign our petition to Ursula von der Leyen now to make it clear to her that this proposal is shameful and not acceptable.

If we react quickly and strongly now, we still have a chance to stop this terrible plan.

We must tell Von der Leyen loud and clear that citizens across Europe won't accept this idea of hers!

It may be true that she is personally very concerned about the number of unvaccinated people in the EU, but that does not mean that she can undermine the self-determination of European citizens by urging member-state governments to make vaccination mandatory.

Von der Leyen herself says that it is not up to her to advise on this but only to issue an opinion! How badly can you contradict yourself within a few minutes?

Let us, therefore, clarify the situation by telling the President of the European Commission that it is not up to her to coordinate an EU-wide vaccination requirement.

The reason for this wild plan, which seems rather panicky, is the new virus variant 'omicron.' According to Von der Leyen, this new variant from Africa is cause for concern. However, she also says that much is still unclear.

This while the South African doctor who discovered the new 'omicron' variant wondered out loud to the BBC why the world is actually reacting in such a panicked way since in her experience the new variant causes mostly mild symptoms.

In short: The European Commission has no business dictating member countries its health policies. It would be ridiculous if we were soon to have an EU-wide vaccination mandate as a result of a virus variant that does not, for now, seem very dangerous. We must not let that happen!

We have to take action before it's too late so that we do not suddenly wake up in an EU-wide corona dictatorship, where fundamental rights are systematically violated.

Therefore, please sign our petition to Ursula von der Leyen now, to make her stop before this terrible plan can be translated into action!

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Petition against mandatory vaccines!

Dear Ms Von der Leyen,

We are alarmed by your statements on compulsory COVID vaccinations within the EU.

You are sending out contradictory signals by saying that it is not up to you to decide on this, but that you do believe that a "common approach" to mandatory vaccinations within the EU should be discussed.

We want to tell you that we do not find this acceptable.

The EU has nothing to do with the personal decisions of citizens regarding medical treatment. Mandatory vaccination regulated at the EU level should be completely unthinkable.

We, therefore, ask you to take no further action on this and not to implement this plan.

[Your Name]

No Mandatory Vaccination in Europe!

Sign this petition now!

355,337 people have signed. Help us reach 500,000 signatures.