Tell Pantene: Stop promoting LGBT ideology

Using a trans child to market a toxic agenda is a whole new low


Tell Pantene: Stop promoting LGBT ideology

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Tell Pantene: Stop promoting LGBT ideology

Joining the growing trend of companies getting “woke,” Procter & Gamble’s hair care brand Pantene has caved to social pressure by exploiting a trans child in a TV ad to spread LGBT propaganda and in turn, drive profit.

In the two-minute commercial, Sawyer, a transgender girl, and her two moms, Ashley and Ellie, celebrate their family motto, “Everybody loves everybody, no matter what path you follow.”

“She has always been super gender creative, and hair has been a big part of her transition,” Ashley says in the ad. “Once she told us that she identified as a girl, she immediately wanted to grow her hair out.”

“I remember the first time she was out in the community wearing the clothing she wanted and her hair. And she kind of was herself,” Ashley recalls. “That was the first day where I saw her.”

It’s pretty clear that the ad’s emphasis is on the dynamic between Sawyer and her proud mums. What’s even more clearer is the marketing of toxic LGBT ideology which includes the legitimization of same-sex parents and the disturbing normalization of a gender-confused child being allowed to “transition” to the opposite sex.

Pantene posted the ad to Twitter with the preface, “Hair is a large part of our identity. And for LGBTQ+ youth like Sawyer, who choose to express themselves, their style, and their creativity through their hairstyle, it can help them feel seen.”

Pantene’s worldwide products lineup is used by so many families across the globe. Its CEO should not cave to hijacking by "woke" transgender activists to spread a global message of biological untruths.

The ad unsurprisingly drew widespread backlash on Twitter but Pantene has refused to back down tweeting “Transphobia has no place in our world or on our feed.”

Our message is not one void of love to those people choosing to identify as transgender, but rather a firm stand against the mass indoctrination of young people around the world who are pushed to believe they should transition to the opposite gender. And, against the companies who exploit them for profit. 

This is not the first time the company has been involved in promoting the LGBT agenda with an entire page on the brand’s website about their previous campaigns on the topic.

That’s why we are asking you to send an even stronger message that the latest ploy using a “transgender” child to promote a dangerous agenda is not acceptable.

So many families around the world rely on Pantene for basics found in the bathroom such as shampoo. Therefore, our message is loud and clear: stick to selling shampoo, not regressive ideologies!

If we don’t stand up against this tidal wave of “wokeness” now, soon every company that we have known and relied upon so long for common household essentials will be infiltrated by Leftist propaganda.

Sign now! Tell Pantene: stop promoting the LGBT agenda!

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Stop using a transgender child to boost profit

To: Procter & Gamble CEO David S. Taylor and Global Sales Officer Jeffrey K. Schomburger.

It has come to my attention that a recent ad produced by your haircare brand Pantene featured a transgender child named Sawyer and her two same-sex mums in an attempt to legitimize same-sex parenting and disturbingly normalize the “transition” of a young, gender-confused child. 

Using a young child who is clearly going through a stage of gender dysphoria to market a popular brand and drive profit is a whole new low.

It is clear to me that Pantene is trying to indoctrinate the impressionable minds of young people with regressive and toxic views of sexuality.

Pantene as a haircare company should not contaminate its brand commercials with irrelevant and harmful ideologies.

So many families around the world rely on Pantene for basics found in the bathroom such as shampoo. Therefore, my message is loud and clear: stick to selling shampoo, not dangerous ideologies!

As one of 15 million strong CitizenGO advocates, I am concerned that companies like yours have bowed to social pressure in order to be “woke” so much so that a popular brand is now a platform to market biological untruths. A boy will always be a boy and a girl will always be a girl. There is nothing that can scientifically sustain the idea that one can transition from one gender to the other. Furthermore, numerous studies also show that children do best in homes with a male father and a female mother.

Please act immediately to remove this ad!

[Your Name]

Tell Pantene: Stop promoting LGBT ideology

Sign this petition now!

123,035 people have signed. Help us reach 200,000 signatures.