Stop the Zuber Report, Protect the Natural Family

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Stop the Zuber Report, Protect the Natural Family

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Stop the Zuber Report, Protect the Natural Family

This Tuesday 11 March 2014 , the European Parliament will vote on its 2012 Annual Report on the equality Between women and men. The Report was prepared by Communist MEP,  Inês Cristina Zuber from Portugal, by her own initiative , as part of The Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM.) Other noteworthy members of FEMM include idealogues Edite Estrela and Ulrike Lunacek.  The discussion on the resolution will take place on Monday, 10 March.

In this new proposal, the FEMM has Declared That family-related Responsibilities are an obstacle to human fulfillment at the workplace! Yet, it continues to promote: early childhood indoctrination in gender ideology at public schools (without the prior consent of parents,) abortion, LGBT “marriage”, and gender quotas in public life and the business sector.

By way of this resolution, the European Parliament wants to reduce woman to mere objects: objects are DECIDED Whose Merits by quotas and public policy, instead of on an Individual basis, as uniquely valuable human beings.

The Zuber Report upholds the introduction of quotas for women in companies and in all the industries of public life. This is unacceptable and a clear Violation of free enterprise and the freedom of Individuals.

While the European Parliament has the DUTY to Promote the basic principle of equality-of-opportunity based on the skills, talents, and the Merits of Individuals, It Should STOP interfering in the lives of Europeans by way of social engineering projects.

* The motion for the Adopting Resolution of the Zuber must be rejected, like the self-initiated Lunacek Report, and the Report before it Estrela.

The Alternative Resolution in September on the table by the "Christian Democratic Group" (center right EPP to Which the Union for Popular Movement and International Democratic Union Also belong) does not Represent a feasible alternative and Should Either the likewise be dismissed. Sadly, Nothing In This distinguishes it from alternative resolution Proposals Drafted by socialist and liberal entities.

Instead of Promoting the equality of opportunity based on the single capabilites and Merits of Both women and men, and defending the ideas importance of the family for Equal Opportunities and the fulfillment of human beings and the human family , the EPP Alternative Resolution simply deletes some of the Most offensive paragraphs in the original text. It does so, while still Promoting gender ideology in public policies and in schools especially.  's Resolution The EPP Also Refuses to Recognize the vital constributions of mothers and father in the home , and Gives its support to gender quotas in politics and in enterprises.

* The motion for the adoption of the proposal by Zuber must be rejected . And the watered-down anti-family, alternative resolution , must be dismissed .

Europe does not need one or the other. The "parity democracy" Promoted by Both resolutions opens to door to reverse discrimination and mark the definitive Could end of the notion of meritocracy in the workplace and in public life. 

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Dear Members of European Parliament:

On Tuesday, 11 March, you will vote on the annual report on Equality between women and men in the European Union - 2012 (Zuber Report, from the FEMM committee).

 I urge you to reject the Alternative Motion for a Resolution (amendment 1 put on the table by the EPP) and to reject the Original Text from FEMM.

Both draft resolutions promote gender ideology including schooling on gender as “an idea” for minors in public schools, without prior parental consent. Both motions promote gender quotas in the business sector, which harms free enterprise, and in public life, by imposing a new concept of "parity-democracy." This will open the door to reverse discrimination. 

Additionally, the Zuber Report promotes the LGBT community’s notions on marriage, and abortion as a fundamental right. Both are inconsistent with EU law. While promoting LGBT rights and abortion rights, the Zuber Report goes further by refusing to acknowledge the vital importance of men and women’s responsibilities in the family. Lastly, both motions refuse the formal recognition of work done by mothers and fathers at home.

Whilst supporting the fundamental principle of equal opportunities for men and for women based on individual talents, skills, and merits, the European Parliament should cease to interfere in society through ideologically motivated, self-initiated social engineering projects.

The Zuber Report is of no political value: the EU does not need this report, and women and men of all social conditions have no need of either of these ideological proposals.

Please reject both motions for a resolution. And thank you for supporting the human family.

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Stop the Zuber Report, Protect the Natural Family

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