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Having gained more than 1.7 million signatures, One of Us is the most successful European Citizens’ Initiative so far. This is all in thanks to you, as you have made this possible -- spending months vocalizing your support, collecting signatures.

The One of Us Initiative faces one last obstacle and, to become officially recognized, needs your help one last time.

Help by sending an email to the European Commission in support of your initiative, One of Us. By signing this petition, an e-mail will be sent directly to the leadership of the European Commission.

One of Us is being attacked by International Planned Parenthood Federation, and abortionist Members of the European Parliament. Your email to the Commission will go a long way in defending One of Us.

There must be a balanced voice that will defend life within the European Union. One of Us is that voice. 

What is One of Us:

(according to their website:

“One of Us” is one of the first registered ECIs in the European Union. It’s goal is to greatly advance the protection of human life from conception in Europe – within the possibilities of the competency of the EU. Based on the definition of the human embryo as the beginning of the development of the human being, which was given in a recent ECJ judgment (Brüstle vs. Greenpeace), “One of Us” asks the EU to end the financing of activities which presuppose the destruction of human embryos, in particular in the areas of research, development aid and public health.

This will be done through a change of the financial regulation of the EU that determines the spending of the EU budget. A ban of such funding will greatly contribute to the consistency within the EU.

One of Us” is built on wide support: churches, politicians, MEPs and civil society leaders are committed to support the initative in various ways. Besides the responsible committee, composed of seven citizens from different countries, a central coordination office is steering the initative campaign.

"This petition is created and promoted by CitizenGO. It is not an official initiative by "One of Us" Committee".

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Follow-up on European Citizen's Initiative ONE OF US

More than 1.7 million European citizens have signed the European Citizens' Initiative ONE OF US. A hearing on the initiative has taken place in the European Parliament on 10 April 2014, and a meeting between representatives of the European Commission and the citizens' committee on 9 April.

The petition is driven by a serious human rights concern. It asks for legislation to be passed in order to prevent EU funds being used for purposes that involve or pre-suppose the destruction of human embryos. While the petition's call is of general scope, the areas that merit specific attention are the EU's research and development aid policies.

With regard to the EU Research Framework Programme "Horizon 2020", the Hearing in the European Parliament has revealed that the existing ethical framework is totally inadequate. What the European Commission seeks to pass of as a rigorous ethical commitment is nothing but the statement that it will neither finance activities that are illegal in the country where they take place, nor activities that are illegal in all 28 Member States. In other words, a research activity can be eligible for EU funding if it is illegal in 27 out of 28 Member States - and the European Commission calls that an ethical commitment!!!

The hearing has further revealed that the controversial research on embryonic stem-cells is increasingly considered unlikely to yield any therapeutic uses. The EU should therefore spend its research budget on more promising fields of research.

With regard to development aid, there is general agreement that it is an important goal to fight maternal mortality in developing countries. However, this goal does not justify the EU's current practice of funding abortions in developing countries where they are legal, or, as it would seem from the hearing, even in countries where they are not legal.

Abortion does not help in reducing maternal deaths, but it constitutes itself a serious health risk for women. Statistics show that maternal mortality is lower in countries that have restrictive abortion laws.

The European Commission should listen to citizens more than to the vested interests of abortion providers such as IPPF.

We also consider that, the petition's conformity with all legal and formal requirements and with EU values having been established at the time of its registration, there is for the European Commission no "political" margin of appreciation that would allow it to block the petition from going forward.

We are therefore urging the Commission to give an appropriate answer to the citizens' initiative ONE OF US by initiating a legislative procedure on the basis of the successful citizen initiative's proposals.

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Sign this petition now!

60,160 people have signed. Help us reach 100,000 signatures.