Keep Caroline Farrow out of prison!

The legal system is being used to persecute outspoken women who tell the truth


Keep Caroline Farrow out of prison!

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Keep Caroline Farrow out of prison!

CitizenGO’s Campaign Director for the UK and Ireland, Caroline Farrow, could find herself in prison for nothing more than telling the truth about male and female!

Earlier this year Caroline found herself under investigation by her local police force after she described the sex-reassignment surgery performed on a sixteen-year old boy as ‘castration’, ‘a form of child abuse’ and ‘mutilation’.

Following a media backlash, Susie Green, director of the transgender lobby group Mermaids decided to drop the charges. However, another activist, Stephanie Hayden, decided to pick up where Mrs Green had left off and ensure that Caroline was punished.

Stephanie Hayden, who was born as Anthony George Steven Halliday, has a concerning criminal record which includes the following:

  • Violent affray with a golf club
  • Several offences of dishonesty 
  • Sexual assault

He began targeting Caroline over social media in a relentless campaign of abuse, including attacking her Catholic faith and made several threats, supposedly in the form of a joke, to come and play golf at her house.

Caroline, who is a mother of 5 young children, was understandably very frightened, especially as her family had already been receiving a number of threats from activists who had found out where they lived  and so she stood up to and highlighted his abuse on her Twitter account.

Stephanie Hayden then arrived at her house to personally serve a lawsuit on her and forced her into court a few days later, with almost no time to instruct lawyers and prepare a defence, where a judge incredibly ruled that her description of Hayden as a biological man amounted to harassment and forbade her by law both from talking about him and specifically from ‘misgendering’ him.

Hayden is now suing Caroline for a sum which could be as much as 100,000 British Pounds and is now also seeking to have her put in prison for contempt of court, because he claims that she has breached the court’s orders when she made a number of general comments, which were not about him, on a private forum.

Caroline Farrow is not Stephanie Hayden’s only victim. He is currently also pursuing another mother, Kate Scottow into prison with both criminal and civil charges and two disabled  women; Helena Wojtczak and Dr Louise Moody.

Breastfeeding mother Mrs Scottow was arrested at home in front of her children, one of whom has autism, and put into jail for seven hours, for trying to highlight the truth about Stephanie Hayden and his disreputable activities which are all widely available in the public domain.

Please sign our petition asking the Attorney General to intervene in the case of Caroline Farrow and the other women Hayden is currently targeting. 

Nobody should be put through the terrifying ordeal of being prosecuted or taken to court for telling the truth

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Stephanie Hayden is bringing the courts into disrepute

Dear Mr Cox

I am writing to you in your role as Attorney General to alert you to the case of transgender activist Stephanie Hayden who is pursuing repeated High Court claims which amount to an abuse of the legal system and cost victims thousands to defend.

The claims, which now amount to over 25,  never come to trial - defendants, ground-down by cost and relentless misuse of procedure, often settle otherwise meritless claims simply to bring the abusive litigation to an end. 

One defendant, against whom Hayden finally discontinued their claim, was left with £28,000 in legal costs - run up in an action which would never have succeeded at trial. Hayden now boasts this running up of costs for the defendent as being a victory, even though the claim was discontiinued without liability. This is an abuse of process. 

Stephanie Hayden has criminal convictions for attacking a neighbour with a golf club, as well as a number of “offences for dishonesty”. Hayden is also the subject of numerous subsequent allegations of fraud and whilst issuing claims without paying court fees, enjoys regular overseas travel. All of the most recent claims appear to have been issued without Hayden being required to pay the statutory court fee, due to claiming exemption on the grounds of income. In spite of this, Hayden appears to enjoy frequent overseas travel, having documented 14 foreign holidays abroad over the past 2 years on social media. 

Hayden particularly targets vulnerable women who disagree with his/her views on trans-rights, currently including two mothers of young children, Caroline Farrow and Kate Scottow, and two disabled women, Helena Wojtczak and Dr Louise Moody

Stephanie Hayden is a public figure and activist who is misusing their gender identity to pursue vindictive litigation to silence opponents. Hayden's personal history, criminal record and business activities are widely available in the public domain and a matter of public interest. Stephanie Hayden appears to be using the special protection afforded to transgender individuals under the Equalities Act as a shield to fend off legitimate criticism and journalistic enquiry. In so doing Stephanie Hayden abuses their victims and the legal justice system - especially as these claims are also issued on the basis of the court fee being waived. 

I am asking that you intervene in these current cases, investigate the litigation history of Stephanie Hayden  and that you take the necessary steps to prevent further abuses of the court system by this individual.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

Keep Caroline Farrow out of prison!

Sign this petition now!

194,671 people have signed. Help us reach 200,000 signatures.