Unbelievable, but true. EU Commission to enter Gay Parade!

EU Commission loses the run of itself as it enters float in Gay Parade


Unbelievable, but true. EU Commission to enter Gay Parade!

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Unbelievable, but true. EU Commission to enter Gay Parade!

Yes...as utterly bizarre and unprofessional and blatantly political and creepy and cavalier as it sounds...the EU Commission is actually entering a float in the Gay Parade in Amsterdam this year.

In a revealing Freedom of Information request (see below) about the parade, they attach their "LGBTI Action List". This plan includes many sections, and one of the most relevant is entitled, "Reaching Citizens, fostering diversity and non-discrimination."

This section tells the public how the Commission intends to play its part in promoting the LGBT agenda:

"A broad and inclusive communications campaign is envisaged...The campaign will be rolled out in cooperation with Member States and civil society at national level and will take into account the specific national needs and circumstances. Cooperation and coordination will also be reinforced with international organisations in order to avoid duplication."

Please note the last sentence. A lot of thought has obviously gone into this well-planned propaganda, even so far as the use of "international organisations...to avoid duplication."

And then, in the most disingenuous fashion possible, the Commission, in its communication about their Gay Parade float, try to legally cover themselves by stating the following:

"None of the activities of the campaign, including the participation at the Europride 2016, seek to promote civil partnerships, gay marriage, same-sex adoption or any other issue related to substantive family law, which is the exclusive competence of the Member States..."

The Commission's defence of their hyper-political actions in this regard beggars belief.

This kind of nonsense must end!

To that end, this petition will be sent to the leaders of all Eastern EU member states, to make them aware of this seemingly blatant interference from the Commission into the family affairs of each country.

Furthermore, this petition will demand that each of their country's Commissioners raise these issues in the Commission itself, and seek to curtail these outrageous and biased activities.

By the way, the same document (the "LGBT Action List") is not just about the EU Commission's desire to participate at the Gay Parade in Amsterdam.

Amid all of the gross frivolity of the Gay Parade, there is a very hard edge to the accompanying document, namely, in the section entitled, "Supporting key actors responsible to promote and advance equal rights for LGBTI people in the EU".

In the "Hate Crime and Hate Speech" sub-section, the Commission states the following about legally pursuing those with divergent views: "...This will include dedicated thematic meetings on the effective prosecution of homophobic and transphobic hate speech and crime."

And, again, in the "Education" sub-section, the Commission gives away part of its plan to indoctrinate Europe's children with the LGBT agenda: "The Commission will support Member States through the organisation of a best practice exchange on LGBTI anti-discrimination actions in education and homo and transphobic school bullying, safe school environments and diversity lessons at school in the context of the tolerance and diversity policy development that will implement the Paris Declaration. Such a best practice exchange will involve relevant national authorities, schools, police forces."

So, the Gay Parade in Amsterdam is just the tip of the iceberg.

The EU Commission wants complete assent to the LGBT agenda, and it is going to engage in an indoctrination of European children...

But, of course...of course, it is fully against the promotion of civil partnerships, same-sex "marriage" and same-sex adoption!

Well, if you believe that, then I'm 15 metres tall and my name is Pinocchio.

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Tell the Commission: Stop promoting an anti-family LGBT agenda!

For the Attention of the Leaders of All Eastern EU Member States (as well as Italy and Malta):

As incredible as it sounds, the EU Commission have decided to enter a float in this year's Gay Parade in Amsterdam.

This petition asks you and your country's political leadership to demand, from the Commission, that they immediately cease to promote this anti-family LGBT agenda.

The Commission claims that, by having a float in the Gay Parade, they are not violating their obligation to remain unbiased when it comes to same-sex "marriage", same-sex adoption, and civil partnerships.

But, any thinking European adult knows better. And, it is disingenuous, in the extreme, for them to say otherwise.

Please see, and read, the below document, which is a so-called "LGBT Action List", and which the Commission released in defence of their decision to enter the Gay Parade. It gives clear details on the Commission's plans to promote the LGBT agenda through events like the Gay Parade.

More shocking, however, this document also provides details on how the Commission intends to indoctrinate European school-children with the LGBT agenda...and, legally prosecute those who oppose this agenda.

Their plans are truly Orwellian in scale, and the Gay Parade is just one outward manifestation of their well-planned assault on the natural family and on free speech.

Please ask your Commissioner to demand that the EU Commission put an immediate end to this agenda. Perhaps, you, and other likeminded countries, might consider a concerted protest against these outrageous moves to promote this anti-family agenda, stifle free speech, and to brainwash Europe's children.

Thank you for standing for Freedom - freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.



[Your Name]

Unbelievable, but true. EU Commission to enter Gay Parade!

Sign this petition now!

7,996 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.