Don't Let the BBC Promote Transgender Ideology to Your Children Anymore

Do Not Involve Children in Transgender Debates


Don't Let the BBC Promote Transgender Ideology to Your Children Anymore

37,075 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.

Don't Let the BBC Promote Transgender Ideology to Your Children Anymore

The BBC has produced a short programme, aimed at children, all about one child’s “transition” from a boy to a girl.

Just a Girl depicts the fictional video diaries of a child who calls himself (or, as he would prefer, herself) Amy and wears girl's clothes, but explains to viewers that he was born as a boy, Ben, and is already in the process of halting puberty.

The programme is available online on the CBBC (Chilren’s BBC) website, and is aimed at children 6-12.

The programme has rightly been met with many members of the public, including campaigners and MPs, complaining about how utterly inappropriate this is for children.

But the BBC has defended this piece of propaganda, insisting that it was merely trying to “reflect true life”. It said there was enough context for children to understand the theme.

Director of Family Education Trust, Norman Wells, disagreed. He said: “It is irresponsible of the BBC to introduce impressionable children as young as six to the idea that they can choose to be something other than their biological sex.”

He added: “The more we promote the idea that a boy can be born into a girl’s body and a girl can be born into a boy’s body, and that drugs and surgery can put things right, the more children will become utterly confused. Respecting and preserving a child’s birth sex should be seen as a child protection issue.”

Conservative MP Peter Bone agreed, saying: “It beggars belief that the BBC is making this programme freely available to children as young as six. I entirely share the anger of parents who just want to let children be children.

“It is completely inappropriate for such material to be on the CBBC website and I shall be writing to BBC bosses to demand they take it down as soon as possible.”

Additionally, Julian Brazier MP said: ‘This programme is very disappointing and inappropriate. Children are very impressionable and this is going to confuse and worry them.’

These MPs and others are indeed right to be concerned. The BBC is now apparently unashamedly trying to advance this dangerous ideology which says men can be women and women can be men. In fact, this ideology apparently says that men can be even better women than women (Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner did win “woman” of the year after all).

Transgender ideology is apparently doing nothing short of attempting to redefine what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman. It is not remotely concerned with reality or our understanding of the nature of men and women as essentially tied to their role in reproduction.

The truth of the matter of course is that there are boys/men and girls/women and one cannot become the other without completely distorting and redefining what these words mean.

Some defenders of this show have argued that children need to see this kind of thing to prevent bullying of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) children. No one is arguing that any child (LGBT or otherwise) should be bullied, and surely we should be able to teach children not to bully without pretending that men can become women and women can become men.

It is utterly inappropriate for the BBC to peddle this ideology to children, and presumably in many cases, this happens without parental knowledge. This issue strikes at the very heart of who we are which is being radically distorted and confused.

Sign this petition to the BBC objecting to their attempts to propagandise our children, cease being a mouthpiece for the transgender movement and asking them to remove this from their website.

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Regarding CBBC's "Just a Girl"

For the attention of CBBC's Cheryl Taylor and others whom it may concern,

Dear Ms Taylor,

I am extremely unimpressed with CBBC’s new programme Just a Girl, and the views about men and women it is spreading to our nation’s children.

As a licence fee payer and a concerned individual, I strongly object to public money being used to promote this dangerous ideology.

The American College of Pediatricians has been very clear on the dangers of transgender ideology which includes extremely high rates of suicide, even after “transitioning”, among the transgender population, and the dangerous effects of hormone treatment which includes infertility and is associated with an increased risk of blood clots, strokes and even cancer.

It is wrong to introduce children to this confused and confusing issue and amounts to an attempt to subvert the authority of parents.

Of course, children who suffer from gender confusion need help, but this help is not to be found in modern transgender ideology.

I ask therefore that you remove this from your website and cease attempting promoting this ideology to our children.

[Your Name]

Don't Let the BBC Promote Transgender Ideology to Your Children Anymore

Sign this petition now!

37,075 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.