Youtube's Disturbing (Sexual) Content... for Kids!

Are your kids on Youtube? Do you know what they're watching?!


Youtube's Disturbing (Sexual) Content... for Kids!

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Youtube's Disturbing (Sexual) Content... for Kids!

(Skip to 5:56 for examples of the inappropriate content)

Youtube is filled with grossly inappropriate content directed at children.

Beyond the extremely bizarre nature of these videos, many contain

- disturbing sexual content
- portrayals of abortion where one character (sometimes a child!) is shown as being pregnant before receiving an injection in her belly make the baby bump disappear.
- people eating faeces
- graphic imagery involving severed limbs and decapitation.

There are tens of thousands of these videos often depicting popular children’s characters such as Spiderman and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, and these videos have received millions and millions of views.

What makes this even worse, is the fact that the creators of the videos are making money from many of them.

Please sign this petition to Youtube demanding that this content is demonetized, that children are unable to access it, and in some cases, removed from the site entirely.

The Rebel Media have done an excellent job of exposing Youtube. Watch some of the disturbing videos for yourself here.

Children's Content with Adult Themes

Exploitation of child "actors"

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Remove Inappropriate and Disturbing Content Directed at Children from Youtube


It has recently come to my attention that your site is infested with many grossly inappropriate videos specifically targeted at children.

It is bad enough that these videos are available in the first instance but it is so much worse that they exploit and indoctrinate children and worse still that the makers of this content are able to profit from it.

This is unacceptable and you must remove such disturbing content from your platform.

Many of these videos have abusive and violent themes; sexualised content not only directed at children but even involving child actors; and utterly inappropriate adult themes such as abortion which is frequently portrayed in an especially perverse manner.

I understand that Youtube has various policies for ensuring that children are not able to access inappropriate content such as making the videos restricted and even removing them from the site entirely.

Due either to negligence or sheer number, many of these videos are still available to be viewed by children and remain monetized.

Whatever the reason, many of these videos are still available on Youtube and they have many millions of views.

It is the responsibility of Youtube to demonitize these videos and ensure that children cannot access them. The more shocking ones should of course be removed from the site entirely.

I demand that Youtube take action immediately and end the exploitation and profiting from the exploitation of children on Youtube.

(Please see

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Youtube's Disturbing (Sexual) Content... for Kids!

Sign this petition now!

14,529 people have signed. Help us reach 20,000 signatures.