Free Alfie Evans from Alder Hey Children's Hospital

Petition to save Alfie Evans


Free Alfie Evans from Alder Hey Children's Hospital

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Free Alfie Evans from Alder Hey Children's Hospital

UPDATE (18/04): After having their High Court appeal rejected on Monday (16/04), Alfie's father, Tom Evans, went to Italy to plead directly with the Pope. Alfie's parents are holding out hope for direction intervention from the Holy See.

UPDATE (11/04): Alfie's parents have lost their latest court legal battle as the High Court ruling sets a date for turning off Alfie's life support. This date has not been disclosed to the public.

Alfie Evans’ parents are fighting for his life. Will you help them?

Alfie is a nineteen-month-old baby boy with no medical diagnosis, but that hasn’t stopped Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in their quest to prematurely remove his life support. Alfie’s case is eerily similar to Charlie Gard’s case earlier this year. This is yet another example of the medical community and the legal system in the UK disrespecting a parent's right to make medical decisions in the best interest of their child. 

Alfie’s parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, want to follow multiple medical recommendations for further diagnostics, without which it is nearly impossible to determine Alife’s long-term medical outlook. They also have repeatedly asked for the standard long-term solution of a tracheostomy  to make Alfie's breathing more comfortable. But Alder Hey has refused their request to move Alfie to another medical facility or to fulfill multiple treatment requests. Instead of helping Alfie’s parents and respecting their wishes, they have demanded a court order from the High Court to assign a stranger the responsibility of representing Alfie separately in court, for the purpose of removing Alfie’s life support.

According to the National Catholic Register, “A number of European hospitals have assessed Alfie’s case notes and agreed to admit him, but once again the British medical authorities are refusing permission for such a transfer to take place, stating that the transfer ‘is not without risks.’ Alfie’s team claim that the risks are ‘absolutely minimal and entirely controllable thanks to current ultramodern transport techniques’ adding that they have contacted three specialized medical transfer companies which would be ready for the transfer with only a couple of days’ notice.”

Join us in imploring Alder Hey to release Alfie. If Alder Hey is not willing to carry out further diagnostics or care for Alfie, his parents have the right to take their child to someone who will.  If Alder Hey has nothing to hide, why won't they let Alfie go?

There are no clear answers in Alfie’s case, and his parents' request should be respected.

Tell Alder Hey to release Alfie to a hospital of his parents’ choosing.

Sign this petition to send a note directly to Alder Hey. Let them know that the international community is watching to ensure that Alfie is given every chance at life.

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Free Alfie Evans

Dear Alder Hey Children’s Hospital officials,

Release Alfie Evans to a hospital of his parents’ choosing. Alfie should be given every chance at life. 

Alfie has no medical diagnosis, without which it is impossible to determine his long-term outlook. Alfie is responsive to his parents and others and is not in terminal stages. Removing his ventilation, and thus purposely and prematurely ending Alfie's life, is utterly unnecessary when there are still other options, and even recommendations and assistance offered for Alfie's rehabilitation and going home. 

Please respect the wishes of Alfie’s parents and allow them to transport Alfie to another hospital. Keeping Alfie intubated and drugged in a bed for a year without tracheostomy, complete assessment or treatment for known conditions is cruel and out of step with accepted international standards. Killing a disabled child who could go home with his parents is discriminatory and extreme - in fact, it's murder.

It is unconscionable and a shock to the world that you are disrespecting the rights and wishes of Alfie’s loving parents, and denying Alfie his rightful chance at life. We call on you to withdraw your court case and allow Alfie's transfer to a hospital of his parents' choosing.

[Your Name]

Free Alfie Evans from Alder Hey Children's Hospital

Sign this petition now!

287,585 people have signed. Help us reach 500,000 signatures.