Irish Pro-Lifers Resolve to "Give Everything" to Defend The Unborn Child in 2017

Irish/UK Abortion Promoters Tell Supporters to Use Christmas to Push Abortion! Now, Irish Pro-Lifers Push-Back Making New Year's Resolution To Protect Life!


Irish Pro-Lifers Resolve to "Give Everything" to Defend The Unborn Child in 2017

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Irish Pro-Lifers Resolve to "Give Everything" to Defend The Unborn Child in 2017

Just as 2016 is coming to and end, the UK-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign has set heads spinning with their incredibly callous and vile call to use Christmas as a means to promote abortion.

With their #choiceforxmas campaign, they show their true colours - and their contempt for Christianity.

But, as they dwell in darkness, the pro-life people of Ireland give thanks for the accomplishments of 2016, and look forward, with optimism, to 2017. The good work begun this year will, with much hard work (and, le cunamh De), bear a great harvest next year.

This petition, therefore, sets out to accomplish two goals:

  • First, it sends a note of gratitude to the main, national pro-life organisations in Ireland: The Life Institute, Family and Life, Youth Defence, the Pro-Life Campaign, and HLI Ireland.
  • And, second, it pledges the signers to do what they can - whether volunteer, donate, or pray (they are cordially encouraged to do all three!) - in 2017, for the pro-life cause in Ireland.

Many volunteers, many donations, and many prayers will be required to protect the 8th Amendment and help save lives. But, the 8th Amendment is worth fighting for. In fact, it has already saved more than 250,000 lives - simply by restricting access, and giving women and men, faced with an unexpected pregnancy, the time needed to reflect on the situation.

And, when making life-and-death decisions, isn't it sensible to take time to reflect? In Ireland, the abortion rate (5%) is just one-quarter of what it is in Britain (20%), where one in every five pregnancies ends in abortion.

One in five! One in five unborn children dead as a result of abortion; one in five expectant mothers wounded as a result of abortion.

Surely, these are not statistics we want to see projected onto Ireland. But, that is exactly what could happen if all Irish pro-lifers don't pull out the stops this coming year.

So, please make a New Year's resolution to do more this coming year, to protect the most vulnerable of our human family, for, if Ireland can confound the biased, mainstream media and the likes of George Soros' monied foundation, she will continue to be a shining example to the rest of the world, that both women and babies are safer without abortion.

Thank you for reading and signing this petition.


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Congratulations on 2016! I resolve to do what I can in 2017 to defend the 8th Amendment...and the unborn child!

For the Kind Attention of the Leaders of all national Irish Pro-Life Organisations:

  • Mrs. Niamh Ui Bhriain, The Life Institute (Dublin)
  • Mr. David Manly, Family and Life (Dublin)
  • Dr. Eoghan de Faoite, Youth Defence (Dublin)
  • Ms. Cora Sherlock, Pro-Life Campaign (Dublin)
  • Mr. Patrick McCrystal, HLI Ireland (Knock)

I am aware that the UK-Irish pro-abortion group, the so-called Abortion Rights Campaign, has launched a deeply ironic (and, foul) effort to use Christmas to promote abortion in Ireland. With this effort, using the hashtag #choiceforxmas, even they have reached a new low.

But, while they are cynically misappropriating the birth of the Christ Child, and, in fact, behaving more like modern-day Herods, Irish pro-lifers are looking to 2017 with great optimism.

We can do so, precisely because of the trojan work done in 2016 by all of the major, national Irish pro-life organisations as listed above, as well as by all of the provincial and county pro-life and church organisations involved in the same.

The diversity which each organisation brings to this life-affirming work is tremendous, but a few initiatives must be mentioned for particular praise: First, The Life Canvass, run by The Life Institute, has reached out to more than 128,000 households, to speak with them, face-to-face, about the importance of Saving the 8th Amendment; Second, the speakers training being done by Family and Life will certainly bring needed clarity and balance to Irish radio and television on the life issue; and, Third, the mobile billboard campaigns separately run by Youth Defence and the Pro-Life Campaign, have been a resounding success.

Of course, none of these groups or individuals are seeking praise or thanks, but, nevertheless, I want to thank them anyway - and, especially, their volunteers - for a job well-done in this life-saving endeavour.

But, now, looking forward, I know that 2017 will be a busy year for the pro-life movement in Ireland, especially as the Citizens' Assembly continues its work and reports back to the Houses of the Oireachtas in the Summer. The visit of Pope Francis, and corresponding pro-life initiatives at parish-level, will certainly also heighten pro-life visibility and boost morale.

So, with that in mind, I now want to pledge that I will do as much as possible for the pro-life cause in Ireland in 2017.

I may be able to volunteer on the Life Canvass or be trained as a speaker. Of course, I may also be able to donate to support the work. And, certainly, I can offer moral support and my prayers, too.

For the moment, however, let me again take this opportunity to thank you for all of the great, pro-life initiatives which have held the line in 2016.

May God be with us in 2017, as we reach out to the Irish people with messages of Life and Hope.

[Your Name]

Irish Pro-Lifers Resolve to "Give Everything" to Defend The Unborn Child in 2017

Sign this petition now!

722 people have signed. Help us reach 1,000 signatures.