Christian Charged with Hate Crime for Sharing Truth

Petition to: Toronto Police and Attorneys General of Canada & Ontario


Christian Charged with Hate Crime for Sharing Truth

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Christian Charged with Hate Crime for Sharing Truth

UPDATE: July 24th, 2018

Bill Whatcott appeared in court in Toronto today for his alleged "hate crime". His lawyers asked the Crown for full disclosure of the basis on which Bill was charged. They need to know why the charges were laid so they can plan their defence and fight back. The Crown conceded, and a new date was set for September 20th in Toronto.

About ten supporters and friends joined Bill in the courtroom, including pro-life heroine Linda Gibbons. Linda has spent over ten years in prison for her repeated witness in front of abortion clinics.

UPDATE: July 17th, 2018

I was chatting with Bill and Jadranka Whatcott on the phone this afternoon about Bill's upcoming trial set to begin next Monday, July 23rd in Toronto.

Jadranka said they were "just surviving" since "Bill is not employable now." The "hate crimes" charge not only lost him his bus driving job, but it is making it impossible for him to be hired anywhere else. At the moment, he is looking into starting up his own business.

Bill lamented the hypocrisy of the liberal left, which has charged him with "hate crimes" for peaceably handing out Gospel tracts at the 2016 "Gay Pride" parade, while anti-Christian gays were ignored at the same event. (See picture below, where one has a cross on his crotch.)

Blasphemy at Gay Pride Toronto

UPDATE: July 1st, 2018

We are happy to report that Mr. Whatcott was temporarily released on bail on June 25th. His hate crimes trial is scheduled for July 23rd in Toronto.

His experience in jail was harrowing, and he received very shoddy treatment. After being released, Mr. Whatcott was forced to make his own way back to Alberta, after being transported from Calgary to Toronto to process his charges. Then, when he got back to his home, he discovered that he was fired from his bus driving job - with no reason given.

You can read more about his experiences here: For those wishing to support Mr. Whatcott, a "GoGetFunding" page has been set up:

UPDATE: June 23rd, 2018

Mrs. Jadranka Whatcott was able to provide an update this evening. She is very upset right now, and her two kids are missing their step-dad. She is not sure how they will be able to get by without him.

At the moment, Mr. Whatcott is still in a Calgary jail, awaiting extradition to Ontario, which is expected to occur Monday. Since he surrendered to police yesterday, he has only gotten to speak to his wife for a minute on the phone, when he was receiving some medical treatment. Apparently, he was told he has to pay $600 for his plane ticket to Ontario!

Mrs. Whatcott is disturbed that the mainstream media is calling her husband an anti-gay hater. She said, "Bill never spoke bad language...We want to help our society." As a Christian acting on his convictions, Mr. Whatcott was seeking to bring help and forgiveness to LGBT individuals.

Mrs. Whatcott feels this is a case of anti-Christian persecution. She said, "If you don't accept the destruction of the moral foundation of our society, this is the persecution you get... They want to show Bill as an example."

UPDATE: June 22nd, 2018

Mr. Bill Whatcott, a Christian activist from Alberta, has been charged by Toronto Police with “public incitement of hatred”. He surrendered peaceably June 22nd in Calgary after police had taken the unusual step of issuing a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest. 

The charges against Mr. Whatcott are based on a complaint filed in 2016 related to his presence at the 2016 Gay Pride parade in Toronto. At the parade, he and several friends handed out Gospel literature with warnings about the spiritual and physical dangers of practising homosexuality.

Mr. Whatcott’s courageous group was able to distribute over 3,000 pieces of literature by disguising themselves as “gay zombies” and marching in the parade. They risked their necks and endured the hideous sights of this celebration of debauchery in order to reach men and women with life-saving, soul-saving truth.

You can view the literature Mr. Whatcott handed out, as well as photos from the parade, at the following links. WARNING: This content is very disturbing and graphic! View Tract - View Photos from Event.

Two pro-LGBT individuals tried to sue Mr. Whatcott shortly after the parade, claiming $104 million in damages for defamation against the LGBT community. However, the judge threw out the lawsuit.

It is extremely alarming that the police have now chosen to intervene and label Mr. Whatcott’s actions as a “hate crime”. This appears to be a case of real anti-Christian persecution, trampling to death our freedom of religion and freedom of speech in Canada.

Mr. Whatcott did not commit a hate crime. He did not call on people to “hate” anyone. Rather, out of love, he issued a daring Gospel call on LGBT folks to turn from their sins, repent, and be saved.

At the bottom of his literature to LGBT individuals, he wrote: “we also want to let you know there is a God who loves you, and who is real, and who has made a way for you to come to Him.”

Pastor Art Pawlowski, founder of Street Church in Calgary and a friend of Mr. Whatcott’s, commented: “We’re turning Canada into a Nazi state, into a communist state, where if you voice your politically incorrect views, you will be attacked by the forces of the government.” Pastor Pawlowski organized a rally for Mr. Whatcott at Calgary police headquarters at the time of his arrest.

Bill Whatcott Arrested

It is vital that we stand up against government tyranny in Canada. The saying goes “freedom isn’t free,” and it’s true! We need to stand up for the hard-won freedoms many thousands of Canadians were willing to fight and die for in times past. We need to stand up against the real hatred – hatred against Christians, Christian values, and the Christ who calls us all to repent and be saved.

Please sign our petition to the Toronto Chief of Police and the Attorneys General of Canada and Ontario.



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Drop Charges Against Bill Whatcott!

I am greatly disturbed by the charges of “public incitement of hatred” that are being brought against Mr. Bill Whatcott relating to his presence at the 2016 Gay Pride parade in Toronto.

Mr. Whatcott is not a hater, and his actions are not those of a hater.

Mr. Whatcott never called on anyone to hate, attack, or harm the homosexual community.

Mr. Whatcott only showed love for the homosexual community by warning them of the physical dangers of practising homosexuality and by presenting the soul-saving Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is within his rights to exercise his freedom of speech and freedom of religion, even if his message is unpopular or politically incorrect. In fact, freedom of speech and religion are meaningless if only the words and beliefs of the government are allowable.

In light of this, I am respectfully asking you to immediately drop all charges against Mr. Whatcott.

[Your Name]

Christian Charged with Hate Crime for Sharing Truth

Sign this petition now!

43,234 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.