Hunger strike - Release Iranian Christians now!

Petition to the Islamic Republic of Iran


Hunger strike - Release Iranian Christians now!

16,830 people have signed. Help us reach 20,000 signatures.

Hunger strike - Release Iranian Christians now!

Professing the Christian faith carries a heavy threat in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

By 2016, about 193 Christians were imprisoned, including many converts from Islam.

They are often accused of "endangering national security by setting up house churches", "being missionaries", or "insulting the prophet" (blasphemy).

Two of them, Amin Afshar Naderi and Hadi Asgari have already been on hunger strike in protest against the bad treatment they experienced in the Evin prison. They had to stop for medical reasons.

However, Naderi has again begun a hunger strike. On the fifth day of the hunger strike, he wrote a dramatic open letter to the authorities.

Below is the entire text of his letter:

"What have I done to you and our country that you hate me so much? I learned from the Bible to love my enemies and to pray for those who hate me.

I learned not to use insulting language, but what did you learn? You used deplorable language during my trial, you made my faith appear ridiculous, and you attacked my monotheistic religion. I have never offended you, not because I did not have the power to do it, but I have always sincerely prayed for your well-being.

For a year, I have tolerated all the insults of my fellow prisoners, the guards and your patrons, while I did nothing wrong and I kept providing my basic needs. In all of this, I have always prayed for you, to be honest and just. You made all kinds of promises in court that could hear from my pastor, my family and all those who are concerned about this situation. You did not care and you seemed to despise me every day, more and more. Finally, you actually hid me from the ambassadors of the different countries who visited our prison!

Then, you wrote a report filled with lies, which stated that I offended your beliefs! You even forced my fellow prisoners to accept these lies and to affirm this false report! I only watched and prayed for you.

I have no more words. Do what you want, as you've always done - but, not according to justice, morality and law. There is one more question: if I am what you say I am, and if I have offended your beliefs...and, if your legal process was completely transparent, from the moment of arrest to trial, why are you hiding me from people?

So be it.

But, now, I surrender to your cruel decision and I have decided to end my life, slowly. That's why I'm on hunger strike. I promise you I will not address you anymore. I also give up my right to medication. I hope you feel better because of my slow death and suffering."

This has to stop. There must be an end to the captivity of Christian converts and other innocent Christians! Please sign this urgent petition to the Head of State and the President of Iran. Thank you!


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Set Iranian Christians Free!

Dear leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei, Dear President Rouhan,

It hurts us to know the way in which you prosecute and imprison innocent Christians in your country.

Amin Afshar Naderi's cry for help, imprisoned with other innocent Christians in the Evin prison, has spread all over the world.

Naderi has unfortunately gone on hunger strike, which obviously endangers his health.

We urge you to give clemency to him and to all other Christian prisoners, including Hadi Asgari, who have done nothing wrong, except to profess their Christian faith.

[Your Name]

Hunger strike - Release Iranian Christians now!

Sign this petition now!

16,830 people have signed. Help us reach 20,000 signatures.