Stop the dangerous "CLAW" BDSM event April 25-28 in Cleveland Westin & other hotels

Petition to: Mayor of Cleveland - Cleveland Dept. of Public Health - Cleveland City Council - Cuyahoga County Council


Stop the dangerous "CLAW" BDSM event April 25-28 in Cleveland Westin & other hotels

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Stop the dangerous "CLAW" BDSM event April 25-28 in Cleveland Westin & other hotels

UPDATE (April 24, 2019): Not surprisingly, Cleveland authorities have ignored citizen outrage over this vile event. They are allowing it to proceed and blacken the reputation of their city. SHAME on them. This petition will remain posted as testimony to the degradation overtaking our once great nation. 

The so-called "Equality Act"  (H.R. 5) pending in Congress would make such events untouchable and even criminalize any criticism or opposition such as this petition. Is this the country we want to live in? SPEAK OUT! Oppose H.R. 5 and local or state LGBT "non-discrimination" laws!


A depraved sadomasochist (BDSM) orgy is set to take place in Cleveland, Ohio the last weekend in April 2019. The “Cleveland Annual Leather Weekend” (CLAW) has been taking over upscale hotels for years now with no interference. It is time to interfere and STOP this outrage. Hotels booked this year by CLAW are the downtown Cleveland Westin, Marriott, Hampton Inn, and Aloft.

Christian writer Linda Harvey described this event in WND: 

     These are sado-masochists, as in whips, chains, handcuffs… CLAW featured private workshops teaching the most depraved human activities imaginable short of murder. CLAW appeals mostly to homosexual males who are so lost, they employ bondage, spanking, role playing as slaves or animals, and dabbling in human waste products as the core activity of intimate relationships with other humans. After these workshops, just imagine the follow-up sexual acts that surely took place in the privacy of rooms – rooms occupied the next night by your 5 and 7-year-old children or grandchildren… As Christians, we are to have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather to expose them (Ephesians 5:11)

Sadomasochism, BDSM, etc. are not rightfully protected by anti-discrimination laws or ordinances. Nowhere is “sexual orientation” even defined in the law, but surely it doesn’t protect these unhealthy perversions taking place in public accommodations shared by the general public. So please:

CONTACT the HOTELS and ask the management to cancel their hosting of the event: Cleveland Westin (216-771-7700) is the primary venue. Other hotels hosting CLAW events and guests are: Cleveland Marriott (216-736-7009), Aloft (216-400-6469), and Hampton Inn (216-241-6600).

SIGN our PETITION calling on the Mayor of Cleveland, Cleveland Dept. of Public HealthCleveland City Council, and Cuyahoga County Council to halt this unsafe event!

Learn more about what goes on at CLAW (Caution; X-rated):

What Has Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Wrought? (AmericanThinker, May 2018).

"BDSM" the next LGBT push on society. Depraved, dangerous behaviors are now taking place at major hotels across America (MassResistance, May 2018)

Summary of BDSM Lecture on Humiliation at CLAW 2018 (MassResistance, Jan. 2019) – A PhD Psychologist and CLAW participant reveals the health hazards of BDSM

Convention at major U.S. hotels showcases extreme sexual depravity (Linda Harvey, WND, April 2019)

Homosexual Deviant-Sex Leather Event in Cleveland – CLAW – Raises Funds for LGBTQ Education Group GLSEN (Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, April 2018)    

Video discussion with Coach Dave Daubenmire (April 2018)   

S&M "Charity's" Convention a Public Health Risk (Linda Harvey, WND, 2016)

Please join with MassResistance, Linda Harvey (MissionAmerica), Coach Dave Daubenmire (Pass the Salt Ministries), Rob Pue (Wisconsin Christian News), Peter LaBarbera (Americans for Truth about Homosexuality), Ohio Value VotersAmerican Family Assoc. of Pennsylvania, and Michael Heath (Helping Hands Ministries, NC) to get the Cleveland area authorities to cancel this dangerous event.      (781) 890-6001

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Petition to: Mayor of Cleveland - Cleveland Dept. of Public Health - Cleveland City Council - Cuyahoga County Council

Please STOP the dangerous "CLAW" BDSM event scheduled April 25-28, 2019 in four downtown Cleveland hotels.


CLAW is a huge annual convention focused on unsafe and unhealthy sadomasochist activities. It has reserved the entire Cleveland Westin, with overflow at the Marriott, Hampton Inn, and Aloft. 


CLAW stands for “Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend.” It is an orgy of instruction and participation in the most depraved, painful, violent, and dangerous “sex” acts imaginable. It is not just men playing leather dress-up.The focus is on bondage (ropes, chains, handcuffs, mummy suits), sadomasochism (whips, lashes, electroshock, cutting, etc.), fisting, ingestion of feces, urine play, genital abuse, master/puppy play, and other horrific practices. 


The entire Westin Hotel will host these unsafe and abusive acts. There will be nude events in the conference rooms and lounges. There will be live demonstrations of practices such as fisting and electro torture. There will be filthy private parties in guest rooms with blood, urine, and feces contaminating the spaces. There will be whips, chains, fisting dildos, and torture devices on sale in the vendor hall.


This is a public health hazard for the attendees, employees, and later hotel guests (unaware what has earlier taken place in their rooms). How is it fair to ask hotel employees to work in these conditions?


Sadomasochism, BDSM, etc. should not be protected by Cuyahoga County’s new anti-discrimination ordinance. While “sexual orientation” is not defined in the law, surely it does not protect such dangerous and unhealthy activities taking place in public accommodations shared by the general public.


Even one of the lecturers at CLAW, a PhD Psychologist, has warned of the physical and mental health dangers of BDSM and special events like CLAW. (See article linked below).


We ask Cleveland Public Health authorities to STOP this event from taking place in April. Thank you.


Background (Warning - X-rated and worse):

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Stop the dangerous "CLAW" BDSM event April 25-28 in Cleveland Westin & other hotels

Sign this petition now!

1,711 people have signed. Help us reach 2,000 signatures.