Stop the Vaccine Mandates

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Stop the Vaccine Mandates

Stop the Vaccine Mandates

347,240 have signed. Let's get to 500,000!

Authoritarians across the globe think they can get away with crushing your individual liberty and forcing citizens (even young children) to get stabbed in the arm with the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine… again and again and again…. or face job loss and exile from society.

They threaten fines, refusal of services, restriction of travel, and loss of employment for anyone who refuses to comply.

These autocrats believe a pandemic gives them ultimate power to overrule individual liberty. And anyone points out the dangers of mandatory vaccination policies s is ridiculed, harassed, or shut down.

The threats coming from world leaders against their citizens who refuse to comply are astounding.

  • Austria threatens fines up to 3,600 euros for almost anyone over 18 who refuses to take the jab.

  • In France, the vaccination pass is compulsory (with 3 doses) to be able to carry out everyday actions, such as taking your child to the doctor. 

  • Germany bans unvaccinated people from public and private facilities the government deems “unnecessary.”

  • Canada (Quebec province) requires the COVID-19 vaccine to attend religious services.  

  • Ecuador even forces the vaccine on children as young as five!

And that is only the beginning.

Many countries are requiring health care workers to get vaccinated or lose their jobs at a time when we need MORE doctors and nurses – and then complain that the remaining health care staff are getting overrun.

That’s why it is so important to tell your leaders to stop the vaccine mandates now!

347,240 have signed. Let's get to 500,000!

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