The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has issued guidance to its members stating that they should not report illegal late-term abortions to the police, even when the baby’s safety is at risk.

Abortion violates the most fundamental human right, the right to life.

During the election campaign, Humza signed up to BackOff Scotland's three extreme demands on abortion:

Liam McArthur, MSP for Orkney, is planning to introduce a private members bill which would introduce assisted suicide in Scotland. However, recent developments in Canada have sparked concern about bringing in similar legislation in Scotland. Reports have emerged of marginalised Canadians seeking an ‘assisted death’ due to poverty, disability and homelessness.

Amir Farsoud didn’t want to die. But after being threatened with eviction, he applied for MAiD (medical assistance in dying) rather than face homelessness. Mr Farsoud, from Ontario, did not have a terminal illness, but was signed off for euthanasia because of chronic back pain. ‘I don’t want to die but I don’t want to be homeless more than I don’t want to die,’ he said.

In a welcome development, the Department of Health announced in February that the DIY abortion scheme would come to an end in August 2022.

210,860 lives were lost to abortion in England & Wales in 2020. ‘DIY’ home abortions accounted for a significant proportion of these. 

A lot of media debate and reportage has recently focused on the threats to gender-critical students and members of staff at universities as well as the silencing of speakers who propose similar views. The same issues have been faced by pro-life students for years. University campuses have also always been one of the front lines of the pro-life movement.

Peaceful prayer is under threat in Scotland. Radical politicians want to ban public prayer & offers of help to women at Scottish abortion facilities.

When making decisions about abortion, our lawmakers ignore the voices of women who have been adversely affected by abortion. In the name of ‘women’s rights, they invalidate the experiences of those women whose stories show the harm that abortion can do.