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Enough Is Enough  

UPDATE: August 29, 2019 - Today's TeenVogue.com headline story reads: "Having Sex When You Fat: Tips on Positions, Props and Preparations." This article is an irresponsible and incomprehensible attempt to sexualize and

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are attracting pedophiles and sex offenders to Starbucks - a comfortable place where we bring our children and teens and where illegal p*rnography is easily accessed, anonymously!

Please do your part to end sex trafficking. Sign the petition to the U.S. Senate in support of the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act.

Potpišite peticiju i zaštite Disneyeve princeze i našu djecu. Prema istraživanju američke dječje bolnice Mott's o najvećim prijetnjama djeci danas:manjak sigurnosti na internetu pokazao se kao četvrta najveća prijetnja djeci. Pornografska industrija ne preže ni pred čim kako bi osigurala nove korisnike. Disneyevim brendom i crtanim likovima služe se kao marketinškim mamcem za internetske korisnike. Zašto? Jer im Disney to dopušta.

Internet registra más de 11 millones de páginas con contenido pornográfico utilizando los populares caracteres de Disney. Escribe a la compañía y pídeles que pongan freno a esta práctica.

Sign our petition to protect your Disney princesses and our children now. Internet safety is the 4th top ranked issue on the list of health concerns for U.S. children according to Mott's Children's Hospital.

This is a serious issue. Online pornographers will stop at nothing, and they are after our kids. Pornographers understand that the sexually exploitative pornography they produce and distribute is highly addictive. They are exploiting and capitalizing the Disney brand and characters.

Join me in asking Secretary Clinton to sign a Presidential Pledge that her commitment to protecting children from internet-enabled sexual exploitation.