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Canada has seen a massive increase in publically funded drag queen story times.  They are happening in community centers, libraries, and schools across the country.  And if you dare to say anything against it, the mass media, the local and provincial government employees and even the federal government spokespeople will call you a bigot, homophobe, racist, the list goes on.    The rhetoric goes

In 2016 Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), a euphemism for euthanasia,  became legal in Canada.  In 2021 a further amendment was added that removed the provision “reasonably foreseeable” for terminally ill patients, which opened the door for MAiD to be offered for patients whose only underlying condition was mental illness.

In a faraway reality, the forceful obligation to hide religious symbols seemed a thing of distant, authoritarian, communist regimes. Yet this totalitarianism has so rapidly creeped into our Western democratic societies, that we are no longer so ‘free’ as perhaps we thought we once were.

Charity worker, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, the director of March for Life UK and a volunteer who has worked for many years supporting women experiencing crisis pregnancies, has been subjected to a humiliating arrest and charged on four counts for standing silently in the street and praying.

Right now, in every school board across Ontario, students are being asked to divulge their sexual interests and their gender identity.

On orders of the Ontario government, every school board in Ontario has to gather and report data on their students through a questionnaire called the Student Census.

In school boards all across Ontario, students are being asked to divulge their sexual interests and their gender identities.

The Trudeau government is trying to censor the internet and put the social media feeds of Canadians in the hands of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Trudeuau has successfully pushed Bill C-11 throguh the House of Commons, and now just needs the Senate to approve the bill.

Public libraries across the Durham Region of Ontario have been hosting drag queens in their libraries to indoctrinate young children into LGBTQ+ ideology.

According to Durham Radio News, there is going to be a “Drag Queen Storytime” hosted at both Scugog Public Library (in Port Perry, Ontario) and at the central branch of Whitby Public Library on June 25th.

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