Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF)

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Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF)  

Something is wrong in the state of Canada and it has its origins at the top with our own Prime Minister. The evidence that Canada has been put on the road to despotism is overwhelming and consists of an established pattern of unethical behaviour that has culminated in his invocation of the Emergencies Act of 1988.

Let's face it, Canadians were duped when they were asked, back in mid-March 2020, to give up their civil liberties for a few weeks to "flatten" the Covid-19 "curve".  The idea was to social distance (but not wear masks) and give up on "non-essential" work and travel to keep hospitals from being overrun.

The Liberal government of Canada, aided and abetted by media talking heads and silent opposition parties, has set its sights on your kids and grandkids. It is doing so through a double-pronged attack originating from both the Senate chambers and the House of Commons: 

Don Cherry's unceremonious and kneejerk removal from "Coach's Corner" on Rogers Sportnet's "Hockey Night in Canada" was unwarranted, insulting and defamed the legacy of one of Canada's greatest patriots.  It came on the heels of complaints over his use of the term "you people" when describing those who failed to buy poppies and support Remembrance Day.