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This Wednesday, the following Palm Beach County School Board Members will be making a decision about your child's school year.

In addition to signing this petition, which will be delivered to them Wednesday, please contact these members to express your viewpoint.

Barbara McQuinn, District 1
Term Expires: November 2020

FLORIDA: Are we really free? Are we doomed to have government officials dictate every detail of our lives in the name of public health? Masks are just the latest chink in the armor. If you want to wear a mask because you are elderly or have a pre-existing condition, that is your right. Wars have been fought to protect that right.

Before we knew much about COVID-19, it made sense to take precautions. But as more data has come out, these precautions make less and less sense. Today, millions of Floridians are now without work. Every day you wait to reopen Florida prolongs the coming recession, and jeopardizes hospitals, businesses, caretakers, and citizens.