Every Life is Precious

Petition to: Officials of the Nations


Every Life is Precious

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Every Life is Precious

Signing your petition is more than just a statement of your belief in the sanctity of all human life from the womb to the grave.

It is a call to the officials of the United Nations, a demand that they not merely stall the abortionists’ demands, but actively protect the lives of their people, no matter their stage in life.

We must demand this because otherwise the death toll will only grow more staggering than it is.


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Petition to: Officials of the United Nations

Abortionists around the world are seizing the Coronavirus crisis to expand their sick and deadly trade.

Across Europe, abortionists are demanding teleconference abortion meetings, with mail-order drugs for a "home abortion." In the U.S., Planned Parenthood (the biggest abortion business) wants teleconference abortion meetings and tens of millions of MORE taxpayer dollars. The radicals even want aid to African nations tied to opening the floodgates to abortion. And in New Zealand, radicals rammed through a bill making abortion up until birth for any reason a law. The list goes on.

If this virus should be teaching us anything, it is that every life is precious.

But still, tens of millions of children are slaughtered in the womb each year, and our politicians are not protecting them.

CitizenGO members all over the world, are leading the fight to expose and stop the Abortion Lobby's power and money grabs, but frankly, I want to do more... a lot more.

Will you please help me fight back to the Abortion Lobby by signing this Every Life is Precious petition? Will you be a voice for the voiceless?

[Tu nombre]

Every Life is Precious

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257.450 Personas han firmado. Ayúdanos a llegar a 500.000 firmas