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We need your support now more than ever to stand up against censorship and advocate for the truth. 

Thanks to the thousands of generous donations that enabled us to hire a top-tier lawyer to defend her, the civil order against Caroline Farrow has officially been dropped.

However, she still faces a significant challenge: the possibility of a criminal investigation. 

Recent Pride parades across the United States and Canada have included rampant nudity, with some parades featuring naked men in front of children.

We are deeply concerned about this inappropriate behavior and are calling on Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell to take immediate action to stop these naked Pride parades. 

I wanted to email you about the recent discovery of five aborted babies from a Washington, D.C., abortion facility, which appear to have been old enough to survive outside the womb. The details of this case are disturbing and expose the horrific abortion agenda. 

Disney recently revealed its first-ever Pride Nite in June in their parks in California and Paris. This is a step away from Disney's legacy as a place for pure, family-friendly fun.

Did you believe your deeply held Christian values were untouchable? That not even the most extreme LGBT activists would have the audacity to challenge them?

We regret having to shatter that comforting illusion...

They've crossed the line, and the repercussions are both far-reaching and deeply concerning.

Disney recently disclosed plans for its first-ever Pride Nite, scheduled for June in their parks in California and Paris. This is a step away from Disney's legacy as a place for pure, family-friendly fun.

It's hard to believe, but Target just released a new collection of transgender and LGBTQ accessories, books, and clothes for kids and even babies. 

This is an attack on parents and Christian values, intended to indoctrinate children and families in the transgender cult starting from the cradle. 

Adidas, a renowned global sportswear brand, has recently unveiled its 'Pride 2023' swimsuits... And astonishingly, they have chosen a man to model their women's swimwear!

We need your help. 

Nevada is on the verge of legalizing a Suicide Pill that will bring new dangers to the elderly, the sick, and the disabled people in the State.

This is modern-day child sacrifice. 

The Satanic Temple has opened a new abortion facility in New Mexico, using "Religious Freedom" as an excuse to exercise "Ritual" abortions. 

Babies brought to this facility will be slaughtered for this satanic ritual, and their mothers' lives will be endangered.

Nike, one of the world’s most prominent sportswear brands, is known for sponsoring athletes and influencers who embody their brand values. They have chosen to partner with Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender influencer known for his offensive caricatures of womanhood.

In 2021, Grace Schara, who has Down syndrome, was admitted to the Appleton Hospital in Wisconsin for low oxygen from contracting COVID-19. 

Grace had a ‘do not resuscitate order’ (DNR)  placed on her without her family's consent. 

She was given a lethal cocktail of drugs that led to her death. 

Update: Concerning news has come to light from a meeting held by the World Health Organization (WHO) two weeks ago, according to our reliable inside sources.The Pandemic Treaty’s Zero Draft, which seeks to restrict free speech, increase invasive surveillance, and erode our cherished civil liberties under the guise of "pandemic prevention," is nearing completion.

We can’t even drink beer in America anymore without woke politics being involved.

Bud Light has partnered with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, a famous TikTok star and biological male who pretends to be a woman. 

The persecution of Christians by our government is in full swing. 

For months, Catholics nationwide have been persecuted, arrested, embarrassed, and harassed by the FBI for their pro-life and Christian views. 

A Michigan bill has just passed that forces businesses to adopt LGBTQ+ protections, even if it goes against their religious beliefs. 

This will forbid Christian businesses from being able to fire and hire whomever they want based on their values. 

The UN is about to convene the 67th annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) from March 6th to 17th, and the call to fight back against their proposed radical agenda is more crucial than ever before.

A recent event in Florida has exposed that our nations public schools are glorifying LGBTQ sex, and pushing pornographic content on children. 

Ron Desantis has just forced Florida schools to eliminate 175 books that were “pornographic, violent or inappropriate for the grade level.”

Last month, the official CitizenGO account on Twitter was suspended by the social media platform, after posting an image on our Twitter page drawing attention to dangerous attempts of the most radical branch of the LGBT lobby to normalize pedophilia. On top of that, in pure censorship fashion, almost all of our tweets that were scheduled one week before were never published.