Tell FIFA: No Political Symbols, No LGBT Rainbow

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Tell FIFA: No Political Symbols, No LGBT Rainbow

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Tell FIFA: No Political Symbols, No LGBT Rainbow


Update 06 July 2021: This petition was originally launched in 2019. Current events surrounding UEFA EURO 2020 have shown the extent to which LGBT ideology has become embedded within football. This is something we must stop!


The city of Munich wanted to make a political statement and requested that the local Allianz Area was lit up in the colours of the LGBT rainbow for the Germany-Hungary group match. The was swiftly rejected by the decision-makers at UEFA, partly thanks to a petition by CitizenGO Germany. As a result, UEFA then came under massive pressure from politicians, associations and vocal LGBT activists. 

This then led to the approval of LGBT-supportive banners by major sponsors such as VW, TikTok, and Heineken, as well as an unequivocal statement by UEFA itself on the day of the Germany - Hungary match.

In addition, UEFA itself published a clear commitment to the LGBT agenda on its homepage, stating:

"Today, UEFA is proud to wear the colours of the rainbow.

It is a symbol that embodies our core values and promotes everything we believe in - a more just and egalitarian society that is tolerant of everyone, regardless of their background, faith, gender or sexual orientation.

Some people have interpreted UEFA's decision to reject the City of Munich's request to light the Munich stadium in rainbow colours for a EURO 2020 match as "political". On the contrary, the request itself was political, linked to the presence of the Hungarian football team in the stadium for the match against Germany.

For UEFA, the rainbow is not a political symbol, but "a sign of our firm commitment to a more diverse and inclusive society."

By declaring the LGBT rainbow, which is THE symbol of the political aspirations of the LGBT movement, to be a sign of commitment to a more diverse and inclusive society over politics, UEFA is putting massive pressure on the governing body FIFA.

Please help us to prevent the sport of football from being further indoctrinated by LGBT activists by signing and sharing our petition!

UEFA respects the rainbow (UEFA):

 UEFA welcomes' sponsors rainbow advertising (Germany in 24):

UEFA reject appeal of rainbow colours (Daily Mail)


In international football matches, the United States, the Republic of Ireland, and some professional teams have required players to wear an LGBT rainbow on their jerseys. England required players to wear LGBT rainbow laces on their cleats. Some teams have required captains to wear an LGBT rainbow captain’s armband. Some have placed the LGBT rainbow on corner flags. 

The LGBT rainbow is a political symbol. The Laws of the Game from the International Football Association Board (IFAB) state, “Equipment must not have any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images” (Law 04.5). FIFA’s Equipment Regulations add that this includes a ban on any “political or comparable symbol” (Article 8.3). FIFA needs to enforce its own rules.

Not everyone agrees with the causes represented by the LGBT rainbow. Players who have declined to wear the LGBT rainbow in international and league play have been harassed and now risk being disadvantaged in their careers.

When Jaelene Hinkle, a Christian professional football player, was called up to play on the United States Women’s National Team in June 2017, she found out the U.S. team was going to require players to wear an LGBT rainbow on their uniforms for "LGBTQ Pride month." She declined to play because she, as a Christian, felt she should not wear the jersey with the LGBT rainbow. This is unfair to her. No player should be subjected to a political test in order to be considered for a team. 

FIFA and IFAB have a responsibility to assure players are judged by their soccer skills, not by their political or religious views. No one should be required to wear a political symbol with which they disagree.

Those who disagree with the politics represented by the LGBT rainbow include some religious believers, as well as those who oppose the threat that transgenderism poses to soccer for girls and women. These individuals should not be excluded from soccer just because they hold opinions that are at odds with LGBT advocates. 

FIFA and IFAB need to guarantee all are welcome.

FIFA has disciplined teams for using other political symbols. 

  • In 2016, FIFA fined the Football Association of Ireland for wearing a jersey with a text commemorating the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rebellion.

  • In 2017, FIFA issued a warning to Argentina for “Wearing [a captain’s] armband with a symbol.”

  • In 2018, England’s Football Association fined the manager of Manchester City F.C., Pep Guardiola, for violating the ban on political symbols by wearing a yellow ribbon in remembrance of what the Catalan separatists refer to as political prisoners during a match.

FIFA needs to uphold its ban on political symbols consistently and stop teams from placing political messages or symbols, such as the LGBT rainbow, on player gear, on the field, in the technical area, or on field equipment.

Our recommendations to FIFA are:

  1. Discipline teams that violate Law 04.5 by placing political symbols, to include the LGBT rainbow, on any part of the kit, protective equipment, or captain’s armband.

  2. Support fairness and inclusion of all. Do not exclude people based on political or religious views.

  3. Work with IFAB to revise football’s Laws of the Game to extend the ban on “political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images political symbols” on player equipment to include also all other field (e.g. corner flags) and technical area equipment, and on the field and its immediate surroundings.

Sign this petition to ask FIFA's President and the International Football Association Board (IFAB) to stop the use of political symbols.


In the full “Let All Play” report, you can read stories from individual players, and more about how political symbols violate the rules of football:

Read more about FIFA bans on political symbols in soccer on page 3 of the report, “Let All Play: Yes to Soccer, No to Politics.”

Jaelene Hinkle story: 

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No political symbols in football

To: President of FIFA Gianni Infantino

CC: International Football Association Board (IFAB) and FIFA Disciplinary Committee

I ask you to keep all political symbols out of football. Political symbols do not belong on player gear or field equipment.

Football’s Laws of the Game state: “Equipment must not have any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images." (Law 04.5)

Political symbols and messages are divisive and controversial. They do not belong in football.

According to the 2019 Let All Play report, “FIFA has a responsibility to assure players are judged by their soccer skills, not by their political views or religious beliefs." No one should be coerced to wear a symbol or message with which they disagree. I want football to be a sport that is truly welcoming to all.

Play fair. Uphold the rules consistently and ban all “political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images.” The pitch is for football, not politics.

As a fan, I want to cheer for my teams, not watch football be used for political fights.

We who love football need you to take action to say no to politics and yes to football!

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Tell FIFA: No Political Symbols, No LGBT Rainbow

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