National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Steam, the mainstream video game platform, is hosting video games that are pornographic and sexually exploitive in nature.

Amnesty International schválila politický dokument podporujúci úplnú dekriminalizáciu prostitúcie. Prax však ukazuje, že legalizácia prostitúcie, neposkytuje ochranu proti sexuálnemu vykorisťovaniu a obchodovaniu s bielym mäsom, práve naopak: je pre ne živnou pôdou.

Apelujte preto s nami na Amnesty International, aby zmenilo svoju politiku.

UPDATE (6/6) - Amnesty International has approved and published a policy calling for the full decriminalization of prostitution. This petition calls on Amnesty to change their policy AND apologize to those exploited by the sex trade.

Full decriminalization of prostitution is one of the world’s most disastrous approaches to the sex trade because: 1) it is a gift to pimps and sex buyers, allowing them to carry out their activities as mere "sex business operators" and "customers;" and, 2) it normalizes the sexual violence and exploitation inherent to prostitution as a form of "work."

Amnistía Internacional pretende aprobar probablemente este 26 de mayo un documento en el que apuesta por la legalización de la prostitución. La explotación sexual no debería ser el trabajo de nadie. Díselo ahora

Verizon has spent a fortune on advertising recently – trying to tell all of us that they rank “highest-in-the-nation,” where certain telephone/internet/streaming services are concerned.